Thursday, July 24, 2014

Babies can go camping?

Kyle and I don't know much about this whole parenting gig, but we do know that babies are people. "People" don't like to be confined (ie. prison.) I don't know if we are crazy or just really simple minded, but where we go, the kid goes too. To be completely honest, when we sat down to plan our very first camping trip, we didn't even think to not bring the entire family with us. 

After that first camping trip, I took our tent to REI to be restrung. While we (Mallory was in the baby carrier) were waiting, a woman approached us and asked "you go camping with him?!" ["him" of course being Mallory.] I wondered, "Oh shit. Are we dumb for taking her camping? Are we missing something here?" I responded by saying that we did in fact go camping with our 6 month old. 

Kyle and I simply thought that...

If we got chilly and added a layer, we added a layer for Mallory too. 

If we were hungry or thirsty, we assumed Mallory might be too.

If we required sunglasses, then Mallory also wore sunglasses. 


I guess we just don't like to over think things...

Random :: The biggest issue we encountered on that inaugural camping trip was the fact that Kyle only brought a sleeping mat for himself and I slept on rocks. He is really too sweet. THEN to top it off I slept in a $15 Wal-Mart sleeping bag while he curled up in his arctic sleeping bag that conveniently couldn't be shared since it smelled like "ball sack and red vines." Can't make that up. 

Anyway, after a little trial and error we've come up with a packing list for you when you take baby on a camping trip!

camping packing list

one || Food. Even though Mallory was/is still breastfeeding, we made sure to have snacks for her as well so she could eat while we ate "campfire food." If you are formula feeding, don't forget that stuff! 

two || Extra clothes and PJs. We found we used two sets of jammies and three outfits on overnight camping trips. Especially if your kid is a spit up machine like ours, extra clothes are a must! (Full disclosure : I packed the same number of outfits for myself. #SheGotItFromHerMama)

three || Toys/baby entertainment. The toy distraction tactic was employed during campsite set-up and take-down, as well as shortly before bedtime. Crucial. 

four || Baby seating. We failed to bring her Bumbo with us on our first trip and we paid for it! She has a thing for grass/rocks/dirt, which are all in abundance at most campsites. Not having a seat meant we really couldn't put her down. Sucks!

five || Blankets. We used these for Mallory to play on during those fleeting moments when she wasn't in a rock sampling mood. We also ended up putting blankets down under her Bumbo since she still managed to grab handfuls of dirt to eat. And of course, extra blankets are always nice inside the tent.

six || Personal care items. I'm talkin' bug repellent , sunscreen, diapers, wipes, etc. All that and the kitchen sink! 

seven || Baby carrier. If you have and use some kind of baby wearing apparatus or are going to be camping someplace where a stroller is appropriate, bring 'em. We wore Mallory while we fished and explored!

eight || A place for baby to sleep. This is where a Pack 'n Play might be nice. Mallory co-sleeps so this wasn't something we had to worry about. 

The most important advice I can give is to just be laid back. Like anything you do or plan to do with a baby, it is subject to change and that is completely ok! It's only camping...

Ok. What did I forget to include in my packing list? 

Tell me a good camping story!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mallory's 9 Month Update

NINE months old! Mally has officially been "outside" longer than she was on the inside. Craziness!

We had a quite a few game changers take place over the past month, namely crawling. Her technique was questionable for a while... She would take a step or too then flop on her tummy and flail. Kyle had some concerns ;) But, as of a few days ago we are officially crawling!! Before she figured the whole crawling thing out, she started pulling herself up to kneeling or standing. Basically its all eyes on baby at all times now. 

All over her moving around/putting any and everything she can grab in her mouth has made FaceTime with family quite challenging. She either wants the phone to play with or has 9,000 other baby things to do. 

I don't have her stats yet for this month, but will by the end of today. My guess is she is right around the 25 lbs mark! She is in size 4 diapers and size "hmm, this looks about right" clothing. [Size 12 in Carters for sure.] 

She has been cracking us up lately! There have been countless times where Kyle or I will ask "did she just lick you?" We are loving her little sense of humor :) It seems like she does things with the intention of making us laugh. Mallory loves to chat and once she has gotten comfortable in a new situation she wants to tell you allllllll about it! The other night after work, Kyle was greeted by a full on baby lecture. She let him have it for a solid 15 minutes, babbling away! Her lecture was complete with a stern look and hand gestures. I wonder what he did to get in trouble with her? hehehe

In addition to her sense of humor, we are sure that our little girl has quite the independent/determined streak to her personality. She has mastered the nonverbal "I do it" and is visibly frustrated when I do it instead. The ol' distract 'em and they'll forget about it trick doesn't seem to work with her. Damn it! Just like her parents. Weird how that works, huh?

Miss Mallory has 6 (4 top, 2 bottom) teeth now! She is handling the teething process much better lately, in fact we were surprised to find the most recent two since she hardly showed any symptoms. We expect she is working on two more bottom teeth. This time, she has quite a bit of swelling and hasn't been sleeping very well these past few days...

Food. Still, her primary source of nutrition is breast milk, but she is definitely eating "real food" more and more. This past weekend she went from 8am-5pm without nursing! Allll big kid eaten'. She still hasn't met a food she doesn't like! For a while there we thought she didn't care for avocados, but she has since hopped on the bandwagon. Kyle and I simply can't eat near Mal without her insisting that she eat just like us. This whole, "baby eating like a normal person" thing has really helped us to stop what we are doing and sit down to eat meals together. It's nice :)

Way back when, we were having "blowout issues" with Mallory. We tried every diaper under the sun, adjusting the sizes and everything, but homegirl still got poop everywhere but IN her diaper. I started dressing her more in leggings and shirts as opposed to bodysuits and that seemed to have done the trick! Random, but hey, there you have it.

I wanted to ask you all about carseats... When did you move your baby from rear facing to forward facing? What seat do you use/love? I have gotten mixed information from doctors up here; one said a year or 35 lbs whichever comes second, and the other said 2 years.  I have read up on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation and Alaska state law but wanted to kind of feel out how most people make their decision. I'm not read to flip Mal around tomorrow, just starting some research. :) 

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hopes & Plans {Link Up}

Welcome to the "Hopes & Plans" link up! Any hopeful or goal-oriented post is welcome! It can be your life's dreams and aspirations or simply your chore list. Share with us! I hope for this to be a place where we can come to be inspired and motivated by the things other people have in the works. The possibilities are endless! Most things in life begin by first having a hope and then some kind of plan.

Here is how I did with last week's hopes & plans...

|| Restock the house. Done. Like as soon as I got home kind of done. 

|| Meal/food journal. Not even a little bit.

|| Take Mallory to the playground. We didn't stay long, but she sure was happy :)

|| Upload and edit photos from our tripWoo hoo! In cases you missed it, you can see way too many photos from our trip here and here

This Week's Hopes & Plans :

one || Meal journal. For serious.

two || Go fishing.  I can tell Kyle is starting to twitch from fishing withdrawals and quite frankly, I'm not going to catch my salmon if we don't go fishing!

three || Decide on Mallory's next car seat. She is still rockin' the Britax B-Safe infant seat for now, but it's almost time to look into something a bit larger! Moms, do you have any convertible seat recommendations?

four || Clean/organize/decorate my desk. I recently got a cute little print for my desk at home, but once I started looking for a good place to put it I realized---my desk ain't lookin' too hot. 

I hope you have a good Monday and an even better week!
What are your Hopes & Plans?! 

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