Sick & Lipstick Dupes

Hey heyyyy! We are passing around some kind of nasty bug here at our house. Mally kicked things off with a nice round of pink eye and some kind of stomach funk. Kyle was just a day behind her with the most vile stomach bug EVER and I'm bringing up the rear with a sweet head cold. My mom and sister have managed to dodge our symptoms for the most part but their luck may be running out. Dun dun dun dunnnnnn.

So, instead of blabbering any longer, I'm going to send you to my friend Kelsey's blog. Kelsey is on a  maternity leave of sorts, so she let me take over and share some of my favorite lipstick dupes! Make sure you stop by and let her know what some of your favorite dupes are! 

We are off to the third and final OB appointment for this week. Wish us luck! :)

Springtime Nail Essentials

spring nail polish colors

A few months ago I shared my favorite nail colors for fall, then apparently completely skipped winter... Oops! I love marking the change in seasons with fresh, vibrant manicures! Pastels are going to be very "in" this spring, but can you ever really go wrong with a bold pink or coral?! I think not!

spring nail care

I also included some of my favorite, quick and easy nail care items. The key to a beautiful at home manicure is taking care of your hands/cuticles. Trimming your cuticles should be a rare occurrence, you minimize the need to trim them by keeping them nice and hydrated. 

Here is what I'm loving for nail care and my holy grail fast drying, glossy top coat ::

nail care must haves

On to the colorful spring line up!

Julep Summer Nail polish

OPI nail polish

essie spring nail polish
Essie "Lollipop" || Essie "Fiji" || Essie "Mint Candy Apple" || Essie "Tart Deco"

Out of the bunch, "mint candy apple" may just be my very favorite! It is such a unique and opaque shade. I vote that if you purchase anything from this post you grab "mint candy apple" and the cuticle oil -- it literally smells like heaven! OH! And definitely grab the Seche Vite top coat. Who has time to wait for their nails to dry? NOT I!

What shades do you reach for in the spring?

Toddler Meals/Day in the Life

I've realized that it has been a hot minute since I addressed baby led weaning and how we are feed Mallory. In all reality, not too much has changed since that original post other than we are fresh out of breast milk. She pissed through her freezer supply of breast milk by the time she hit 13 months and hasn't looked back! 

Generally speaking, Mallory is an excellent eater. She doesn't turn her nose up at much and lets us know when she is hungry (pretty clearly I might add...) She does go through little day or two spells where we notice a little less of an appetite, but that's really our only complaint. 

Before I jump into her "typical day", just for reference, she is 17 months old and weighs 24 pounds. 

Ok. Ready? Let's do this! 

8am || Mallory wakes up and has a bottle of apx. 6 oz of cow's milk. 

8:30am || Breakfast #1. This is usually her largest breakfast and may be eggs & bacon, yogurt and cheerios, fruit, toast & peanut butter, french toast, etc.

8:45-9:30am || Playtime/read books!

9:30am || Breakfast #2. Usually leftovers from her first breakfast.

9:45-10:30 || Playtime/get dressed.

10:30am || Breakfast #3. This breakfast is usually a bit lighter. Maybe a granola bar, fruit, cheese, a mini bagel. More snack like before we head out to run whatever errands we have for the day. 

10:30am-12:30pm || Errands and an activity for Mallory. As you see on instagram, we frequent turf time and sometimes try to muscle through story time at the library...sometimes. I keep things like gold fish, veggie straws, cheerios and water on hand always. ALWAYS!

12:30-1pm || Lunch. A lot of times we eat lunch on the go. A peanut butter sandwich, lunch meat, cheese, fruit, oatmeal, etc are some of her regulars.

1-3pm || Mallory will usually take some sort of nap around this time. She may fall asleep in the car or doze for about an hour in her crib at home. Regardless, nap time is usually accompanied by another 6oz bottle of cow's milk.

3-5:30pm || Snack, read & play while I try to cook dinner and work around the house. Recently Mallory has really started to enjoy snacking on raisins and pretzels. 

5:30-7pm || Dinner happens sometime in this timeframe. Again, Mallory will eat whatever we are eating. We have made an effort to incorporate manageable levels of spice into her foods so she is not only used to them but enjoys them. I really focus on veggies for dinner since they don't regularly make an appearance in our breakfast or lunch. 

7:30-8:30pm || Bath/Bedtime                                                                     

Because we like to keep things simple around here, we really don't have too much "Mallory specific" tableware. Buuuuuutttt, the things we do use for her we absolutely love!

Here are some of our must haves for toddler grubbin' ::

one ||  Mallory drinks water throughout the live long day! (Thank goodness she finally learned how to say "wawer" instead of just pointing and yelling what we are sure were obscenities.) I love this Gerber Graduates cup! It keeps her water plenty cool (which I'm sure she appreciates, she just hasn't explicitly said so) and it doesn't leak! Mallory hasn't mastered the art of the "tilt and sip" style sippy cups, so its all straws all the time for this gal. The straw on this cup is soft and gummy and even a bit wider at the top so she can bite down easily to control the flow. Perfection!

two || Admitidly, we are kind of nearing the end of using all plastic flatware for Mallory. In the past month she has gotten three molars and seems ready for the big leagues with regard to her silverware. BUT, up until this point, we've sworn by this flatware set! She was able to use each utensil with relative ease...and managed to not stab anyone's eye out. Safety first! ha!

three || Somewhere along the way, Mallory became a bit of a bottle snot. She will only take Dr. Brown's Bottles the couple times a day she uses them. We've tried a variety of bottles with her, but she always refuses and acts like she's drowning -- guess she is a nipple level one lover for life!

four || I can't find the exact booster seat Mallory uses anywhere online, which makes sense since we purchased it at a thrift store for like $3. This one is pretty close though. Kyle and I were never big on the idea of having a high chair. They can be bulky and I kind of feel like they isolate the child from family meals around the table. Anyway, Mallory uses her booster seat all day long and we don't have any complaints.

five || Mallory has made a habit out of dumping her bowls of food on the floor to share with the dogs... She thinks it's hysterical, mom and dad are less amused. These little suction bowls make dumping a far more cumbersome task. These babies will suction hard and fast to anything plastic, perfect for keeping the snack time mess to a minimum!

six || We almost always keep this Camelbak water bottle in the car for Mallory. Kyle and I both drink out of Camelbak bottles during hikes and stuff, so it seemed fitting that we get her hooked on them early. Also, this was the first bottle that Mallory was able to drink out of on her own! Logical? Probably not, but this is allll about trial and error.

That's it! Pretty simple stuff, right?

I have to admit, I mostly wanted to jot down what our "post breast milk" life has looked like before we jump back into the land of lactation for my own future reference. (#sorry!) But maybe, just maybe the mom of a younger child can pull a little insight from this. ;)

Does Mally's diet look anything like your 17/18 month old's? Are we totally weird? 

I was sent the Tri Suction Bowls & Insulated Easy Straw Cup by NUK USA in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions are my own.