Monday, April 21, 2014

"Weekly Wishes"

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with your loved ones. We are heading back to Alaska today after our weekend trip to Cincinnati. A much needed escape from the Tundra! I can't wait to share photos from our trip and share my shopping haul!

Looks like I'm starting a little trend here, knocked out each of my previous week's hopes & plans except for one. Damn it! 

Research Mal's food. I will be sharing my plans with you guys in the very near future!

Change over tires. Annoying, but done.

Give dogs more attention. Although we were out of town, we have certainly given them tons of extra love.

Don't pay full price for anything. Done-ish.

Try a new recipe. FAIL!

So, we are rolling over 1.5 items onto this week's hopes & plans...

one || Try a new recipe...for real. 

two || Continue working on not paying full price. The grocery store was my biggest challenge. Anyone coupon savvy?

three || Get outside more often with Mallory and the pups. We have been spoiled by the gorgeous Cincinnati weather this weekend! I hope it is finally warm enough to spend some time outdoors playing in Alaska!

four || Pay it forward. Last week a complete stranger purchased my coffee at Starbucks. I'm going to return the favor this week! 

five || Dust/clean. You know how the house just feels... ew when you get home after being out of town? Everything just settles and is dusty. 

What does your week look like?

The Nectar Collective

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Boys Behind The Blog

Another post brought to you by this guy...

one || Is your significant other's blog a blessing or a curse? 

Yes! It's a blessing because it's something she really enjoys. However, her online shopping has increased by 200% and she is becoming more computer savvy than me, which is unacceptable. 

two || Do you read your wife's blog?

Yes! It's a pre-made gift shopping list! I would be a fool not to read it.

Hmmm. I feel a wish list coming on..... and the exclamation points LOL
three ||  What is one thing you can do better than anyone you know?

Sleep! I can sleep like a champion. Anywhere, any time, any condition, I can sleep. Mallory is pretty good competition though, she must have her dad's genes. 


NBD I was only in labor!!!

four || What is your favorite TV sitcom from the 90's?

Home Improvement! It's where I got all my "fine" carpentry skills.

 I like the enthusiasm with these responses this month. 

five || If you were opening a small business or shop, what would it be? What goods or services would you sell?

I have no idea. 

Aaaaand we've lost him.

Mal Smiles

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