31 August 2015

Let's Chat

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was amazing. 

We are scheduled to close on this house and move on post next week! Eeeek! So, because we are in full blown move prep over here, I figured I would just word vomit all over the place today. Cool? Cool. 

Towards the end of last week, my sister had to go back home. She was up here for over two weeks and it was amazing! Mally absolutely thought my sister hung the moon and I enjoyed having someone to talk to whose diaper I didn't have to change. It majorly sucked to see her go. I don't dislike much about Alaska, but it's general proximity to my family...not cool man.

aunts are the best

One of the many perks of having my sister here was that she helped me and Kyle did a little "hip maintenance" or "update our cool" if you will. ;) Apparently, being married and adding a kid or two has caused us to slip a bit. She filled us in on some current slang terms (hysterical and stupid), brought us up to speed on pop culture, etc. BUT, my biggest takeaway from the school of cool was this appA GIF APP?! Get out of town!! I literally don't even type words anymore. Anything and everything I could ever want to say can be accomplished with a gif or two. Be honest, how late the party am I on this one?


You know what else is cool? This farmhouse bench & table. Kyle has been itching to re-do the kitchen table he made for us a couple of years back and I'm thinking he is going to have Chanity's husband to thank for the design inspiration. ;) I think I would have him stain the top to match our entertainment center... Oh man! Now I'm all hot and bothered thinking about this redesign! 

rustic bench

Mallory is really something else. She is a lot like me and Kyle are with regard to our social *ahem* skills. Mallory has always been the kid who likes to take a second to watch before joining in to a new situation. Not shy, but not "outgoing" either. Kyle got to witness this first hand over the weekend when he had her at the playground while I made a quick Target run. He said after about 20 minutes Mally and these two girls started running/chasing each other and playing together...all was well until the older girl picked Mally up and put her in her lap to go down the slide together. Kyle said the look on her face was hysterical--she like froze and shot Kyle the stink eye. As soon as her awkward slide ride was over Mallory booked it to Kyle to be rescued. She certainly isn't this awkward with people she knows. But she has to know know them to really let loose.  Introverts for life!

toddler play dates

toddler play dates

toddler play dates

toddler play dates

toddler play dates

You know what's sad about moving? No, not that I'm leaving the house brought my babies home to. No, not that it is the first home Kyle and I owned. Not even the fact that we never intended to sell this house in the first place, but the market told us we had to. It's sad that for at least the next week I have to not make any online purchases lest they get lost in the mail... That right there is tragic! Although, Shopbop does have wicked fast shipping and this sweater on sale sooooooo...

Ok so fall. Yeah, not ready! I mean, sure, I love fall clothing and colors more than any other seasons', but if it's fall already, that means our last summer in Alaska has come to an end and that is just plain unacceptable! I have never enjoyed summer time other than when it meant I didn't have to go to school for a few months. The sun, the anxiety that comes with the sun, the heat and the bitchiness that comes the with heat. YUCK! In Alaska, summer is just different. Yes there is sooo much daylight, but a super low UV index. It gets warm, but never really hot. It's just the best and I know I've talked about this before...which means I'm serious about it! ;) If you ever visit Alaska, do it in the summer and just go ahead and bring all of your stuff because you'll never want to leave. 

Alright. That's it. Gotta run tend to the fussy baby and wipe yogurt off the wall. 

Over and out!

25 August 2015

If It Ain't Broke...

louis vuitton modshots

platinum blonde curly hair

keyhole tee

louis vuitton speedy b 35

nike pre-montreal

nike pre-montreal

Remember how I said I find what I like, then buy it in every color? Yeahhhhh. That's been the story with these t-shirts by Cara Loren. These are easily the softest, most comfortable boyfriend tees on the block! The shirt that started it all for me was this lipstick tee you've seen me wear on Instagram. I patiently waited for WEEKS for it to be back in stock and when it finally was I ordered immediately! I paid no attention to the fact that it was oversized and just scurried to checkout. Well, when she says "oversized boyfriend tee" Cara isn't playing'. It's like OVER-sized! So, my lipstick tee is usually worn knotted at the bottom, which is still totally cute! Anyway, I loved the material and fit so much that when she launched her new line of t-shirts, I was on it like white on rice and picked up two more! (This one in size medium and this one in a small.)

Then of course there are the Nikes.  I had been in the market for another pair of black sneaks for a hot minute and these were decently discounted during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! (They are actually on sale again right now!!!) I don't know what it is about black sneakers, but they just seem to work with any outfit!

You know what is missing in my closet right now? A light wash denim jacket. I love this darker one that I got in a Stitch Fix a while back, but I definitely need one a lighter color. The lighter denim is more versatile I think. Right? Can you point me in the right direction?

Oh. White jeans with a toddler and baby? #stupid

jacket || Stitch Fix
t-shirt || Cara Loren
pants || The Limited
shoes || Nike (on sale now!!) 
handbag || Louis Vuitton
lipstick || MAC "pink plaid"
nails || RATCHET as hell (is that what the cool kids are saying these days?)

24 August 2015

August Beauty Review

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Ours was terribly mundane other than Kyle cutting his finger on his table saw. (!!!) It was all fun and games after he was numbed and we learned that he would be able to keep the tip of his finger. In this house, we are a well oiled, machine when it comes to "stop, drop and head to the hospital" events. Between, the rapid fire children, the cancer stuff and a husband who firmly believes he is still 16...we've got it D-O-W-N. Seriously, from table saw meets finger to turning out of the neighborhood we were clocked at less than 3 minutes. Not bad with two kids and a husband who routinely has to practice breathing exercises at the sight of blood...*pats self on the back* He left the hospital after a couple of x-rays and with only a few stitches. We've said too many times to count that "it could have been so much worse!"

Anyway, because August is nearly over, I figured it would be fun to share my thoughts on some beauty items i've tried out recently...

beauty product reviews

The good, the bad and the ugly--here it is!

makeup blog

green apple peel full strength review

strivectin instant revitalizing mask review

dermaroller review

clinique color pop blush review

1. Clinique "Cheek Pop" Blush || This particular shade is called "pansy pop" and is a cool toned, pale purple. The color of this blush is absolutely stunning and one I've been hunting for to add to my collection! I was surprised to notice that I just wasn't reaching for it. The reason for that is probably that you have to pile on so. much. product to get decent color payoff. Who has time for that?! So, great color, not so great formula/pigmentation.

2. CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous || I purchased this foundation after several of my favorite YouTubers recommended it. Its an oil free formula that claims to be suitable for sensitive skin and will last all day. My Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation is just a touch too dark for me, so I figured I would purchase this in a lighter shade with the intention of mixing the two. I actually think I like how the CoverGirl foundation wears better than my Double Wear. I've found I'd rather warm this up with bronzer rather than dial back my Estee Lauder...For the price, I would definitely recommend giving this stuff a shot!

3. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Full Strength || I don't know about you, but when I read things like "all natural" or "organic" when it comes to beauty products I immediately think "well, that's not going to do anything." This peel has caused me to eat my words! I've been using it 3-4 times a week to jump start my night time skin care routine and it's been great! I get a pretty intense tingle going for the ten minutes its on and I'm left with a rejuvenated and fresh face! 

4. StriVectin Instant Revitalizing Mask || So, StriVectin is a higher end brand name that usually packs a decent punch. (I love using their hand cream in the winter time!) This decently spendy face mask, claims to nourish, clarify and illuminate the complexion with alpha hydroxy acids and their patented NIA114 technology. Ehhh. At best this mask is hydrating as I did notice my face was slightly more plump after each use. More even complexion? No. Brighter tone? Nope. It feels nice on the skin and certainly didn't hurt anything, but probably not worth the money in my opinion. 

5. Tweezerman Izaac Mizrahi Splatter Paint Slant Tweezer || I've said it before and I'll say it again, not all tweezers are created equal! For as long as I can remember I've kept tweezers in both my car and my bathroom. (The car offers the best lighting so I like to go to town on my brows when I'm waiting on a sleeping baby or two to finish their car naps.) Anyway, ever since I've stopped getting my brows waxed, I've had to up my tweezing game so I splurged on these tweezers. GAME. CHANGER. I get completely frustrated using any of my other tweezers now, so these pretty much just live in my purse so I have them with me at all times. They grab the tiniest of hairs and pull them out like butter! Worth every penny.

6. MAC Lip Pencil || The shade "edge to edge" is damn near perfect as far as the your lips but better shades go. This color leans more pink instead of nude, which I happen to prefer on my skin tone for day to day use. If I put this on in the morning, I find I barely need to touch up through the day because its so long wearing! Even when there is little to no product left on my lips there remains a nice, natural pink-y stain. Good stuff!

7. Dior "Addict" Lip Maximizer || You know those products you "sample" EVERY time you shop in store but don't purchase? Yeah...this was one of those for me. One day I caught myself planning a trip to Nordstrom for no reason other than to get my hands on this tester--that's where I drew the line. It was time to just buy the damn thing! (HA!) Now I use this stuff all day everyday; I'm obsessed! I've owned Dior's Creme de Rose in the past and there is no comparison. The Lip Maximizer is better in every way, from it's packaging to the formulation. Oh! Last thing, don't be intimidated by the "plumping effect" of this product. It is so so gentle doesn't cause that intense prickling sensation that a lot of other plumper do. I'm not down with that either...

8. DermaRoller || Have you heard of these things? Dozens of tiny needles that you roll all over your clean face before you apply any serums or treatments. Sounds insane, right? Well I certainly thought so! I started reading more about them when I noticed that the Rodan & Fields sells a dermaroller type  as an amplifier to the skincare regimen I've been using. Color me intrigued. So I headed to the land of beauty research, YouTube, and discovered that people seriously dig these things! The final straw was having a friend, who is also using Rodan & Fields tell me how much of a difference she thinks her dermaroller makes. THAT DAY Eleventh Avenue had the .25mm on sale for like $6 so I snagged it right up! I've been using this for about a month now and have to agree with all the hype; it transforms your skincare! I can actually feel my products at work and see the results. Huge fan!

What beauty products have you tried lately?

Disclosure : I received the StriVectin Revitalizing mask free of charge. My review was not required. As always, all opinions are honest and my own