07 February 2016

Valentines Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! While Kyle and I don't celebrate the occasion, I'm always one to have a wish list ready and willing to be fulfilled. ;) No kidding, I have a note in my phone where I keep a running list of things I'm neeeeeeeding. My wish list legitimately helps me to minimize my impulse purchases and spend my "play money" only on things from that list.  Give the wish list note a whirl, let me know.  Ok, I got off topic. Back to Valentine's Day...

A couple of years ago I admitted that I'm terribly awkward when it comes to gift giving. When Kyle and I do exchange gifts we agree on a budget and trade wish lists. Romantic, right? The gift chosen from said list is a surprise, but that's about it. We like to keep the free thinking to a minimum and the expectations crystal clear. When it comes to gifting friends and loved ones who aren't Kyle or my children, I try my darndest to make simple, classic and bulletproof selections-- you know, to minimize the awkward. ;)

Whether she be your wife, paramour, gal pal, bestie (non-romantic girl friend words are tough), or mama, there's bound to be something on this list she'll love. At the very least, this should get your gift idea juices flowin'.

one || two || three || four || five 
six || seven || eight || nine || ten 
eleven || twelve || thirteen

Ok, so perfume. Unless you know the exact fragrance she wants, this one can be tough. I can however make a few suggestions for you to have the best shot at hitting a fragrance home run.
  1. Grab a more classic fragrance by heavy hitters such as Chanel or Dior For fun twist on those more timeless scents, check out Chance & Miss Dior.
  2. Go for a best seller like Flowerbomb or Candy.
  3. Just buy her this.
I think gift cards are not only totally acceptable, but awesome gifts! Pair it with a cool coffee mug, some festive lipstick or a nice bottle of nail polish and you'll be golden.

Tickets are the way to go if there is a concert or sporting event (or play, I guess, if that's her thing...) she's been dying to go to. Plus, you get to go too which may or may not make this a mutually beneficial gift. ;)

Alcohol and alcohol consuming accessories (ie, this dot shaker, a personalized or funny glass) are always a good idea, aren't they?! Unless she's pregnant or something, but you should know that ahead of time... ;) Booze can really be classed up or down depending on your situation making it an excellent Valentine's Day option.

And that about does it for my gift ideas. What are you thinking?

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?! Let me live through you.

For a more Pinterest friendly image, pin the one below! 

04 February 2016

Michael Robert | 8 and 9 Months

Lets just skip the "I'm so behind with these posts I had to combine two months, second child problems" conversation and just cut to the update, shall we?

'Ppreciate it. ;)

(I did take the photos on time each month, so I've got that to hang my hat on. *pats self on back* Black and white photos are from 8 months and the rest are 9 month shots.)

Numbers || Thanks to his 9 month not so well baby appointment (RSV did him dirty) I actually have some stats to offer this time!! 22.5 lbs, 28.5 in in length,18.5 in head circumference.

Diet || I'd say his diet is about 75% breastmilk/25% solids (if I remember to offer them to him.) So far he hasn't met a food he doesn't like! Woo hoo!

Loves || Babbling/making noises with his mouth, sink baths, Mallory, pots/pans, life! Seriously, he continues to be the happiest person EV-ER. He manages to find joy in just about every situation which is totally a trait I admire about him.

Loathes || Being tired, his car seat, Mom not being in sight, being in the stroller

Clothes || We have definitely reached the "ah, this looks like it will fit" stage in the game. As a very loose rule I'd put him in 12/18 month pants and 18 month - 2t shirts. Both of the kids have graduated to size 5 diapers.

Baby Gear || We are getting ready to switch him into a convertible car seat! Dude apparently needs to be able to look around in order to not make his co-passengers ears bleed. (We are going to get him the Britax Boulevard, which is the same one Mallory uses.)

Sleep || UGHH!! Sleep? People do that? We sure as shit don't! Mike will take an early afternoon nap and wants to take another around 6pm, but that second nap pushes his bedtime to like 11:30-12... No thank you! He is waking up 4-5 times a night or whenever my nipple happens to fall out of his mouth. Suffice it to say we are not in a pretty place in the sleep department. On a less whiny note though, Mallory did the same thing around this age and quit nursing around 10.5 months... I'm hoping that isn't the solution Mike is prepping me for. :( I'd love to continue nursing him.

Milestones || Mike is crawling! I don't think he will crawl for long because he seems quite annoyed with it. It's as though he knows crawling isn't the most efficient way to travel. He does pull up to standing and will try to shimmy around using the furniture to hold on to, but it ain't pretty! Also noteworthy is how destructive Michael is! If it's a toy, he now wants nothing to do with it. His preference is for non-childproofed, breakable, expensive things. Oh! I'm 95% sure he is saying "mama" but Kyle is refusing to acknowledge it.

We love you more than you could possibly know Michael! You are such a happy, joyous person and we can hardly imagine our lives before you.

31 January 2016

When The Dog Bites!

... Because I'm pretty sure I've used the title "these are a few of my favorite things" already.

Nothing fancy going on here today so I figured I would bombard you with a bunch of random things that I've been feelin' pretty good about lately. #yourewelcome

Mom dates. Seriously, I'm convinced that I would be a more ahem pleasant individual if these were a regular occurrence. Last weekend, Kelsey (Pardon My French) and I met up at Nordstrom for a little decompression session. We spent over TWO hours (thanks Kyle! love ya mean it.) posting up in various departments of Nordstrom just chit-chatting away!  When I got home I felt rejuvenated and ready to tackle the week. It was the best--Mom dates for the win!

Target's dollar section has been particularly lethal recently... to my wallet that is. ;) The other night during a SOLO Target run, I'm pretty sure it took me a solid 30 just to clear the ol' Bullseye's Playground.


I've been on a major home decor kick recently! MAJOR. Kyle has to be tired of randomly coming home to a completely rearranged house. (Not that he knew where to find anything in the first place, but he sure does notice when the bed isn't where it was the night before. Ha!) Some of my recent finds were this coffee mug rack (40% off!!), a slate serving stand from Nordstrom (also available here) and this "welcome" sign.

one || two || three

- This post from Little Baby Garvin--so damn funny and totally relatable! Harper totally reminded me of Mallory with her "uh, Dad, ya got poop" comment! Toddlers are something else...


- ColourPop! Namely their lip products because that's all I've tried. My first order consisted of two of their ultra matte liquid lipsticks and one of their lippie pencils. The second order is en route carrying some of their cult favorite lippie stix and a couple more liquid lipsticks for good measure. ;) The price point of these babies? STUPID cheap. (Plus $5 off your first order if you sign up for their emails.) Once you start perusing their site, which has arguable the best swatches ever, you'll want them all! ALL.

- Kitchen table 2.0! Kyle originally built this table when we lived in Georgia but wasn't completely happy with it. He rebuilt the skirt, reconfigured the table top to be more rectangular, and finished it with a fresh stain. I absolutely LOVE it! It is so special to me to have so many pieces that Kyle built in our home. I'm planning to refinish our current chairs in a black chalk paint, but I think I eventually want to get chairs like these or something similar.

farmhouse table

That's pretty much all I've got.
OH! More good news, our washing machine is getting fixed (again) tomorrow morning! Doing laundry in the bathtub is on my top ten least favorite chores list. (Clearly going to the laundromat made the top five...)

Over and out.