02 July 2015

26 things you may not know about me

1. Today is my 26th birthday. (Also referred to as the day I lose my parents health insurance...womp womp!)

2. I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Tennessee. Go Vols!

3. Even though I graduated from the University of Tennessee, that isn't where my college journey began. I started at the University of Arizona in Tucson then transferred to the University of Tennessee to be closer to my family. Cancer happened so I moved back in with my parents and attended East Tennessee State University for a year. Once my cancer treatment was over, I went back to the University of Tennessee. Oh, and there was a healthy sprinkling of community college classes thrown in the mix. All that and I only graduated a semester late! *golf claps* 

4. In a past life I worked as an in-home counselor to families with children who have emotional or behavioral disturbances/mental illness. As much as I loved that, I'm now working my dream job!

5. Growing up I played soccer. It was a big part of my life until I got to college, at which point I simply played for fun on our school's club team. 

6. Shorts? I do NOT like how I look in shorts. Unless you see me exercising, shorts are highly unlikely and really don't even exist in my closet. 

7. I've lived in eight different states so far. New Jersey, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, Arizona, Tennessee, Georgia and now Alaska!

8. During my junior year of high school I was in a pretty serious car accident resulting in a concussion, broken bones, surgery and nerve damage.

9. I wore a size 7.5 shoe until I had kids.  Now I'm a solid size 8.

10. My favorite type of music is country, although it wouldn't be rare to hear rap coming from my iTunes...(Kyle and I shared our taste in music when we started dating. He was all rap and I was all country.)

11. I'm seriously right handed. Like, can't even brush my teeth using my left hand--it's not pretty. 

12. One day I would love to have dreadlocks. Maybe I will have to throw that in the mix as a grandma to keep my cool. Yes?

13. I have one tattoo so far. It is on my left rib cage and was designed by my friend Brittany after my very first pity purchase. It's shaped like the ring my parents gave me and includes the black melanoma ribbon and my MD Anderson patient ID number. 

14. School was never my thing. It wasn't something I truly enjoyed, however I LOVE to learn. Next on my list is a legit photography class!

15. Diet Coke NOT Diet Pepsi. If only Diet Pepsi is available, I'll take water or Iced Tea.

16. I crave change. Whether its rearranging furniture or a big move, I find change to be completely rejuvenating. 

17. I take my coffee with two creams and two sugars. How do you take yours?

18. My big toes are massive. Like, huge. HUGE. 

19. I'm a knuckle popper and scab picker. 

20. For as long as I can remember, I imagined myself having a bunch of kids. I kind of like chaos. ;)

21. Things that really get on my nerves :

- People with a sense of entitlement.
- An unwillingness to exercise judgement. The world is not always black & white. Think! 

22. While I'm certainly not shy, I definitely would identify myself as an introvert.

23. I really enjoy driving. Long road trips or just quick escapes from the house, I find driving to be relaxing and fun.

24. Cold weather over hot weather any day of the week! Being hot seems to make me instantly irritable. I always say, you can only get so naked but you can always add layers. Cold weather for the win!

25. For a fairly recent purchase, it's crazy that it's already my favorite lipstick EVER! Well, so far. ;)  (shade = pink plaid)

26. Lastly, but possibly the most telling...my first purchase of my 26th year of life was a pricey skin care regime. Hehehe! Apparently my dad's wrinkly, saggy skin type seems to have been passed to me. Gee, thanks old man! ;)

And that about does it! I hope you are having a great day so far! 

Check back with me tomorrow for a quick, last minute 4th of July round-up!

24 June 2015

A Birthday Wish List

I have a birthday coming up. My 26th birthday to be exact. We honestly have been dreading this birthday of mine. Without getting all political, I certainly benefited from being able to stay on my parents health insurance up to this birthday. Cancer care isn't cheap! It should be an interesting journey for me into the land of TRICARE Standard (neither myself nor our children are seen by Army doctors, but that's a story for another day.)

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, birthday. In true Amanda fashion, I need lottery winnings in order to afford the entirety of my birthday wish list. Hey, thats why it's called a "wish" list, right? 

Let's dive right in!

women's gift guide

one || Yellow Nikes || Who doesn't need a pair of yellow sneaks? Yeah, I don't know either. Put me down for one pair, size 8 please!

two || Diptyque candle || How ridiculous is the price tag on this candle??! I mean come. on. This candle line is raved about by TiffanyD on YouTube. So, when our Nordstrom started carrying the line, I went in to check them out... Holy awesome! Each and every candle smelled EXACTLY like what it claimed to. My favorite scent was this one, followed in a close second by this one.

three || Tiger Gemstone Earrings || These earrings are by the same ETSY shop that made my art deco eternity band from my new ring stack. These earrings are so beautiful and fancy looking yet affordable. Think this stay at home mom could pull them off for daily wear? I do!

*Tiger Gemstones is offering 10% off any order for Marry Mint readers! Just use promo code "MARRYMINT" at checkout! Click here to shop! *

four || Wildfox Graphic Sweater || I've been dreaming (gosh I'm funny) about having this sweater in my closet but don't because it is never goes on sale.... but it is on sale right NOW!!!!  Like nearly half off on sale!! What perfect timing, dontcha think? I may have to "happy birthday Amanda" this one to myself... ;) I just love this soft pink color and of course Wildfox sweaters are the most comfortable things on this planet.

five || Michael Kors wedges || Somewhere between my feet growing half a size during pregnancy and toddler chasing, my heel supply has dwindled to essentially nothing. But we WILL rebuild from this tragedy. Ha! Wedges are hands down my favorite type of heel to wear. Whether on a strap-y summer shoe or on a fall boot, wedges are just great. Lets start my new and improved heel collection with these (also happen to be on sale!!), yes?

six || Rodan & Fields "Reverse"  || Recently an old friend, who is a sales rep for Rodan & Fields reached out to me to introduce me to her product line. Ever the skincare junkie, I was intrigued! I poked around online, saw the price and kind of started hunting for cheaper alternatives. Then another friend told me she has started using Rodan & Fields skincare and was absolutely singing their praises! I mean their client testimonials and before/after images really can't be beat. My primary skin care issues are, dark under eye circles, hyper pigmentation, enlarged pores and obviously sun protection. Basically the entire Reverse regimen needs to be in my bathroom STAT!

seven || LV Neverfull GM || Of few things I'm certain of in life, but I am certain that I will not be getting this bag for my birthday, because...bills. BUT, I'm nothing if not persistent. So, this bag will stay on my wish list until it's on my shoulder. Sit back and enjoy seeing it hereon repeat. ;)

eight || MAC "Brick-O-La" || In the notes section on my phone, I literally keep a running list of lipstick shades I want. This one is on deck!

Well, now looking over this list, it seems what I really need is a Nordstrom gift card. Ha! What can I say, it's really the only department store we are working with up in these parts.

But for real, how excited are you about this collaboration happening at Nordstrom and ShopBop?!

22 June 2015

Michael Robert - 2 Months Old

Two months have come and gone since we welcomed our son into the world. In some ways it seems like just yesterday I was waddling around pregnant, but at the same time it seems like Mike has always been here. We've managed to cram so much into these past couple of months and his easy going nature has made that possible. We are so excited to continue to get to know him as we see just a little more of his personality each day. And hey, fun fact, I remembered to not only schedule but attend his two month well baby check! *high five* 

Here's the skinny (ahem, not so skinny) on Michael this month!

Weight || 12 pounds 5 ounces putting him in the 75th percentile!

Diet || Breast milk. 

Health || Other than a little yeast infection in the diaper area, our boy is completely healthy! Thank goodness!

Loves || Ceiling fans, lights, being in his Ergo, noise, movement, being bounced, his paci, being held, and grabbing clothing.

Loathes || His car seat, having a dirty diaper, diaper changes, and getting dressed


Clothes || Mike is wearing some 0-3 month stuff but mostly 3 month clothing! And ugh, rookie mistake... I had a piece of clothing out of order in his closet so I nearly missed a good chunk of his 0-3 month pieces. Tragic I tell you! ;)

Baby Gear || Really, not much has changed since his one month update.

Sleep || Mike sleeps pretty well at night for the most part, going for about 3-4 hour stretches. That is until this past week. Lord have mercy! He won't sleep more than an hour at a time at night without waking up for a meal and during the day he seems attached to the boob! Growth spurt anyone?!

Social/Milestones || Oh those sweet baby smiles and coos. Is there anything better? He has also rolled over a couple of times this month. Michael is studying his surroundings a bit more and is certainly more wakeful throughout the day which has been fun. :)

Hope you have a great start to your week!

Find Michael's 1 month update here!