25 January 2014

Baby Must Haves Part 2

Hope your Saturday is going just swimmingly ;) I have a hair appointment scheduled for 2pm today. A haircut always gets me wondering if there is a way to have somebody to come over to wash your hair regularly... I'd be all over that!

Anyway, let's talk baby gear

Last week I shared our list of Baby MUST Haves and thought it would be nice to follow up with our list of Baby "Nice to" Haves ;)

1.// Changing station: We set up the top of Mallory's dresser as her changing station. We use this changing pad and have a couple of cute little baskets that we keep stocked with diapers, wipes, (see which brands we use here) and creams. The Diaper Genie is kept nearby as well. We find that its convenient to have everything diaper related in one spot. Plus, Mal seems to have a blast on her changing table :)

2.// Bumbo: I seem to get the most "freedom" during the day when I put Mallory in her Bumbo. A lot of times she will sit in it for 10-15 minutes while I do dishes or cook dinner. Our pediatrician says this seat does nothing for their neck/head muscle development, so still do tummy time, but Mal appreciates (I think, maybe) being seated and having the ability to look around the room.

3.//  Car seat blanket: This may seem strange, but living in Alaska we've found there a a million different products out there designed to keep your baby warm while being transported to and from the car. We have found that many of them interfere with the basic function of the car seat; no thanks! So, our "go to" item has been something like this; a smaller, heavier weight blanket that is easily placed in baby's lap while they are strapped in their seat.

4.// Car mirror: We have this one. It has been so convenient to be able to just glance in my rear view mirror and check on Mallory; especially when it's just the two of us out running errands.

5.// Changing mat: Different than what you have at home, this is what you bring with you while you're out. Some of the public changing tables are NASTY! These are also nice even when your changing baby in the car...some of those diapers can be messy situations. My diaper bag came with a changing mat, but something like this would be perfect too.

6.// Books: Of course it takes a while for your little one to enjoy them, but reading with your baby from day 1 is wonderful! We have lots of little cardboard and touch and feel books. Like I said in her 3 month update Mallory is just now beginning to pay attention to book. The brighter the colors the better! Mallory also seems to be drawn to books where there are clear images of faces. Stock up! This is a fun way to bond with your child and can be the foundation of a great bed time routine.

7:// O'Ball Rattle: Bright, round, easy to hold and noisy. What more do they want? ;)

8:// Swing: We have the Snugabunny swing by Fisher-Price. Mallory used this quite a bit when she was a newborn then got away from it a bit during the "hold me every second of your life" phase, but she's now using it again. This serves a similar purpose as the Bumbo, allows me to get about 10-15 minutes of work done using two hands! WIN!

9:// Car seat "toys": We have something like these guys on Mal's seat. We call them her friends lol. They have bright colors, move around and rattle. She loves them, however her friends have been known to get on Mama's nerves ;) [this is another something that your baby probably won't appreciate right away]

10:// a semi sane mom!: Mom. You have to make time for yourself! Even if it is just 5 minutes each day; that time is so important to recharge. A person can only tolerate so much poop, pee, spit up and crying before its time for a little break. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. I find that taking a quick shower, putting on jeans and a touch of make up can make me feel like a whole new person (even if this doesn't happen until Kyle gets home from work and can watch the baby.) And honestly, it doesn't even happen every day but its a goal: shower daily and get dressed. Baby steps people. Baby steps. [I plan on showing my "fix yo face" routine in the next couple of days. It's nothing fancy but it does prevent me from looking like a walker. Any Walking Dead fans out there?]

Note: One of the biggest suggestions I have for anyone who is in the process of creating a registry is to keep in the back of your mind that your baby may not like what everyone else's baby seems to like. Just be flexible and open minded about things.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. When the time for me to have a child comes, I will definitely want your opinions on all things baby :)

  2. We have that swing and Colt HATES it! :( UGH!

    1. Baby's are so strange lol What one kid loves another kid hates! Shoot, what Mallory loves one day she may hate the next.

  3. Ah I'll definitely be needing all of these type of lists that I can when the time comes!! :)


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