21 January 2014

An Enemy Who Comes With Perks

Hi again everyone! I hope your Monday night was better than ours...

At 3am we were woken up by our carbon monoxide detector. Kyle and I zipped around the house to make sure we weren't dumb and lit our house on fire or something. Nothing. So, we did what any logical adult would do and called our mommies (since they can help us from thousands of miles away, right?).... Long story short, we actually had to call the fire department only for them to come out and tell us there was no carbon monoxide leak just something wrong with the detector in our master bedroom. COOL. Now I have a cranky baby and a sleepy mama... 

Anyway, lets talk about another cancer perk or two shall we? I mentioned a social perk here and a lifestyle/personal perk here. Now its time to be completely shallow, materialistic and self centered! 
Can I get an AMEN?!

I'm sure many of you have heard of the "cancer card." This is the trusty excuse for anything and everything when you have cancer. "Oh, i'm sorry professor. I just couldn't finish that paper you gave us all semester to write. I have cancer." Boom. Cancer card. "No, I can't help you move out of your apartment this weekend, I don't want to I have cancer." "I just can't stand in this long line. I'm not well. After all, I do have cancer." The possibilities are endless!

At first I was hesitant about using my illness [I really hate calling it that, but I will roll with it for now] to get away with things or appear weak. However, I quickly realized that cancer really does suck (I know. Welcome to planet earth Amanda.) and if I have to have cancer darn it, i'm going to suck every good thing I can from it. 

*Cancer card CAN be used by anyone who is number 1, 2, 3 or 4.* Because I said so. And I'm pretty sure Kyle still likes to use my cancer card almost five years later...

Ok, so the cancer card turned out to be a bit of a slippery slope for me. 

It's no secret that I like love to shop. This love grew leaps and bounds during my cancer treatment. Something bad/scary/stressful was happening, I'd shop. I felt crappy. Shop. I wanted to, I'd shop. If I'm being completely honest when I was shopping I forgot about cancer for the most part. Lame, but true. I was happy at the mall, regardless of what was going on medically.

This led me to coining the term "pity purchase." Survivors will thank me for this, caregivers, not so much.

You get a pity purchase with scans. You get a pity purchase with good news. You get a pity purchase with bad news. You get a pity purchase with stressful cancer situations. See what I did there? A pity purchase is your new way for justifying either purchases for yourself or soliciting gifts from others, whichever is more your style. I like both ;) 

The key here is to not actually feel sorry for yourself. If it is a situation where you could have felt sorry for yourself but didn't [well, not for long anyway] get yourself something nice!

Serious time: I know I'm making light of this topic but my point is an important one. You have to see and create positives in your situation. Start traditions. Create things  to look forward to that are a direct result of your medical circumstances. We have so little control over the disease. BUT, I believe you can control is your attitude. More on attitude another day...

Cancer people out there, are you guilty of swiping your cancer card? 

I hope you guys have a nice Tuesday! 

Will somebody catch a nap for me? I appreciate it ;)

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