Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Valentines Day Prints

The excitement and joy surrounding holidays has already grown since Mallory arrived. Well, it has for me anyway. I want her to grow up feeling giddy and celebrated with each and every holiday. I know she doesn't remember things like that yet, but it's a good time for me to practice.

 Kyle and I never really celebrate Valentines Day ourselves. Fighting the crowds to go out to a fancy dinner, buying flowers and chocolate; it's just not our style. Growing up my parents always acknowledged Valentines Day with the kids and I would like to do the same for Mallory. Celebrate love in general, not just romantic love.

For Christmas and New Years I purchased a couple of festive 8x10 prints to display in our living area. I spent about $12 on each. Changing those prints out for each holiday, plus having some "regular" ones for the time in between, well that just wasn't going to work in our budget.

SO... I've been playing around on the computer a bit during nap time and created my own prints! I sent them to Walgreens Photo Center and had TWO printed for just $7. That's more like it!
It's nice to be able to save a bit of money so I can buy those Tory Burch flats I want and still be able to decorate a bit for Valentines day.

the colors are lighter than they appear here
(ie. gray not brown & pastel pink not whatever color that looks like)

You guys are welcome to have them for FREE! Just right click on the image you want below and 'save as'. These are all 8x10 prints.


Happy Wednesday everyone :)


  1. I love the Tory Burch comment! We are skipping all Valentine's decorating because we will most likely be moving that day so I splurged on my first Tory Burch purse today!! I think we are on the same brain wave :)

    1. I had do order it. (Shopping in Oklahoma is almost as bad as you describe shopping in Alaska to be) It should be here Saturday maybe?? I'll be sure to send you pictures! I think it counts as my Valentine's Day gift, Birthday gift, AND our 1st anniversary gift hahah

  2. They look great! Love them and might have to print a few out myself :)

    1. THANKS! Please do :)
      Hopefully I can get a little better at creating them and never have to purchase any again! cha ching lol

  3. This is lovely :) my husband and I don't really celebrate Valentine's day. We just make a really nice dinner together. It's my hope that when we children, we'll honor THEM on that day!

    1. I completely agree :) I look forward to seeing your celebrations!


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