09 January 2014

Mallory One Month Update

Where do I even begin?! To say that life has changed in a million different ways would be a gross understatement. Mallory has brought so much joy into our world! Having a little one at home brings out depths of your character you didn't know existed. What a pleasure its been watching her grow and learn each day! Phew. I wonder how God choses who gets to be the parents of each individual child...whatever the case is, I'm honored. 

Mallory still isn't the best at breastfeeding. She gets my breast milk from a bottle but has also started nursing at the breast using the nipple shield. We still have a ways to go but I'm amazed at the progress she has made in just one short month. 

She is still wearing all newborn sized clothing however I think she really could fit into the 0-3 month sizes now.

- We are using the Aden and Anais swaddling blankets CONSTANTLY! This is one chilly baby. I also find I use them as burp cloths in a pinch.

-Mallory enjoys her MAM pacifiers. These are pretty much the only ones she will take at this point. 

-Kyle and our moms have been using this cute BOON drying rack to store pump parts and  Dr. Brown bottles in between feedings. 

-Mallory wears Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive diapers. We haven't had too many issues with blow outs and they aren't harsh on her skin. She did have a small diaper rash this month and this stuff did the trick!

Again, I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to have had both my mom and Kyle's mom here with us. We really just had to take care of Mallory and chew our food, what a gift!

What are some of your "must have" baby items?

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