20 January 2014

Mallory's 3 Month Update

Ummm, how has three months passed since Mal was born?! Each month I feel like she becomes more and more fun. She is such much more aware of the world around her and is really developing her own preferences.

Mallory loves to smile and has quite the sense of humor. I heard the beginnings of a laugh this month. What a beautiful sound.

She is really paying closer attention to her surroundings and notices when we aren't in a familiar place. Mal seems to enjoy studying new places and interacting with new people.

As far as clothing goes, she is mostly in 3 month sizes with a sprinkling of 6 month pieces. Diapers are still a size one, although given our recent blowout count, my bet is we will be sizing up very soon.

We haven't been to the doctor in nearly 3 weeks but at that visit she was 11 pounds and 21.5 inches long. If I had to guess I would say she is about 13 pounds and 22 inches now :) Her next check up is at 4 months!

This girl LOVES the bath. She likes splashing noises and seems to enjoy kicking 10x more when she's in the water. We are planning to do "swim lessons" with her this summer!

There really wasn't too much of a change this month in the breastfeeding department. It's still about 70% of the time without a shield, 20% with the shield and 10% from a bottle. FINE WITH ME!

You can check out our day to day "routine" here.

BABY GEAR (additions from months one and two)

- Mallory received this turtle projector/noise machine for Christmas and she loves it! I'm convinced it is the only reason we have any kind of productive napping going on.

- I purchased her the 0-6 month size MAM pacifiers since she was still using the newborn size and she took them right away!

- She almost always has this Oball toy with her during play time. She doesn't hold it yet, but she sure does like watching it.

- M is paying a bit more attention to some books. She seems to enjoy Goodnight Moon (sometimes), Go, Train, Go! (sometimes) and this soft book.

I think that's about it you guys. I'm so looking forward to seeing what developments this month brings! Each day keeps getting better and better...

I'm so thankful that I get to be Mallory's mom.

Have a great start to your week!

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