30 January 2014

Mama & Mal go SHOPPING

Today is a great day. I have $50 GAPCASH burning a hole in my wallet and today is the day I can finally spend it!

Here are a few of the things I have my eye on for myself and Mallory.



Thank goodness we have a Gap store here in Alaska since GAPCASH can't be used online. I'm sticking with the color black, as always and picking up some skinny jeans and yet another cardigan.  I'm also snagging a pair of yoga pants since half of mine have some sort of hole in them. 

Unfortunately, GAPCASH can't be used on the new Paddington Bear Collection. Oh well, more money for Mama! ;)  How adorable are those floral jammies?!

I also plan to swing by Babies R' Us to see if I can find Mallory a different bathtub. The one we currently have doesn't provide enough support for her to recline without me holding her. Do you have a tub you love for your little one?

I know you have shopping plans... 
So, whatcha getting?


  1. Love Gap! I have so many of their tank tops and definitely want more of their cardigans. The only shopping I did today (second snow day for me, woohoo!) was grocery shopping. The exciting life I lead ;) Thanks for grabbing my button! I made it today just to have one - so if I ever change it I'll let you know! I feel like I am having a blonde moment because I can't find your button!

    1. Ugh I have to hit the grocery store today too. Mal is never awesome at the grocery store so it takes HOURS! [button is on my right sidebar]

    2. I don't blame her...I don't particularly think grocery shopping is a blast either :) Thank you! I do not know how I passed over that more than once. Clearly this is what happens when I have two days off!

  2. Aww can we say Pay Day??!!!?? Unfortunately, no shopping for us since we are about to start buying boxes and packing gear :( I absolutely LOVE that Paddington Bear Collection, especially that "one-piece"! Mallory was just telling me how bad she wants it an how much she needs it. I have to say I agree, girl has style!


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