28 January 2014

Pretty in Pale

Hi friends! I had the privilege of being Katie's guest on her blog Pretty in Pale today. Katie is a fellow melanoma survivor who spends lots of time and energy doing advocacy work for skin cancer prevention and sun safety. Not only that but she is super sweet! She has been a great mentor as I've started this little blog of mine.

Swing by her blog to check her out!

Here is the link to my post: Meet Amanda from Marry Mint

*check back with me later on today for my lactation cookie recipe*


  1. Hi Amanda, I saw your blog mentioned on Facebook and I've added you to me "They Dare To Care" list of fellow melanoma bloggers. I'm also 3b, diagnosed in July 2008 and NED. I admin Melanoma Prayer Center on FB as well. We have a very active, supportive melanoma community on Facebook, so plug in! Blessings. (Here's the link to me bloggers list and they're in the order they were added. http://letsgivethanks.blogspot.com/2012/01/they-dare-to-care.html)

    1. Hi Carol! Thanks for stopping by and also thanks for adding me :) I look forward to poking around your Facebook page!

      Also, congrats on remaining cancer free! Woo hoo!


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