27 January 2014

"Fix My Face"

Oh Lordy, pulling myself together since Mallory was born has been impossible a challenge. In this case, "pulling myself together" means basic skincare and fixing my face to less resemble someone who just lost in a bar fight {I've always had some serious dark circle issues...}

I learned during my cancer treatment the psychological and emotional value of simply getting dressed and putting on some make up. It made me feel normal, rejuvenated and presentable. The same has held true since being at home with a baby full time. I feel so much better if I just take a couple of minutes for myself to fix my face.

HOWEVER, putting on makeup is a whole different ball game when you have a "nap time  time bomb" in the other room. You have to be very calculated about what products "matter" to you individually, because baby could wake up at any moment. (sounds serious, doesn't it?)

Of course everyone has different needs/concerns when it comes to makeup; mine happens to be my under eye area.  I always love to read what's working for someone else so I thought I'd show you the products that are currently in my rotation. Maybe you'll find something new to try!

But first...I'm not claiming to be a beauty guru or anything; my point is just to take some time for yourself. Whatever it is that makes you feel polished and put together, do it! Taking time for yourself is so so important! Whether you are a new mom or somebody going through a tough time, make time for YOU!


If i'm being honest, this only happens about 3 days a week right now . My goal is to try and do this 6 days a week. Ten minutes really isn't a long time and if it makes me feel good...

Do you have a quick "go-to" routine? What are your "must have" products to feel like you've pulled yourself together?

Hope your Monday doesn't suck ;)


  1. Oh I have SUCH a hard time with dark circles--I'm definitely going to have to try some of these products.

  2. For dark under eye circles I am a huge fan of Benefit Erase Paste. It is salmon toned so it completely masks any under eye circles that I don't want anyone noticing! It isn't the cheapest, but it has lasted me a very long time. A little definitely goes a long way with this product.

    1. I will have to give that a try next time I'm in Sephora. Thanks!


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