18 January 2014

Baby MUST Haves

Creating a baby registry can be an eye opening experience for first time parents; I know it was for us me.

"You need this."
 "No you don't."
 "Yes you do."

yadda yadda yadda


I thought I'd try something to really simplify things....

Let's say me, Kyle and Mallory are stranded on an island and I can only bring 10 items that are 100% essential for Mallory. [We are going to assume she continues to nurse.}


1.\\ Diapers: We use Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive.

Registry tip: Try a small pack or two of a couple of different brands in a couple of different sizes to try out. Baby's skin sensitivity and well...how frequently poop ends up outside of the diaper is what is going to dictate your preference. I wouldn't stock up is what I'm trying to say.

2.\\Wipes: We like Pampers Sensitive.

Registry tip: Can't have too many of these. Go nuts!

3.\\Burp Cloths: Nothing fancy. We use these. If spitting up were an olympic sport Mal would be a gold medalist. Needless to say we go for the cloth that soaks up the most.

Registry tip:These are not only for spit up. You'll use them to clean just about any baby mess. I've even used them as a nursing cover in a pinch! Grab at least ten of these.

4.\\Sleepers: We go through 2-3 of these in a 24 hour period. Maybe its just Mal, but as she gets older she seems to require more frequent outfit changes. She's gross. Note: Kyle thinks these MUST have a zipper closure instead of snaps because "nobody has time for a million snaps!" We like these because they are warm. But, Kyle tends to reach for something like this.

Registry tip: Make sure you don't get too many of any given size; everyone is right, they won't fit your little one for long.  {I know I know. That meant nothing to me either. Give me a quantity please!} Newborn: five ish, 0-3 months: eight ish, 3 months: ten ish, etc...

5.//Plain onesies: Such as these. [Fun fact: did you know that Gerber owns the term "onesie"--everyone else has to refer to them as something else. ie. bodysuit]

Registry tip: Follow the same quantity guidelines as with the sleepers. Get a mix of both long and short sleeve.

6.//Socks: For now, the only ones that have fit her tiny feet are these from Target.

Registry tip: I say get enough to have two pairs per day, only because they always seem to lose one of those little boogers.

7.//Swaddle Blankets: Love these!

Registry tip: These are key. So versatile. Even if your little one doesn't like to be swaddled these can be used to cover the carseat, as a nursing cover, burp cloth, etc. Have at least 4 of these.

8.//Carseat: Duh. You can drive on this particular deserted island, ok? We have the Britax B-Safe.

Registry tip: Make sure you read safety reviews and obviously make the safest choice within your budget.

9.//Pacifiers: M exclusively uses MAM.

Registry tip: If your planning to use these with your child grab a nice sampling of brands/styles. They usually come in packs of two which is plenty to experiment with.

10.//Baby Shampoo: We aren't really picky about this yet. So far we've used Burts Bees and Aveeno.

Registry tip: Grab a sampling of the little travel sized bottles. This way you can decide what you like best. They don't bathe much at the beginning.

Let's be honest. I've been a mom for about fifteen minutes, so I only know what we've NEEDED thus far.

Ok, and obviously you NEED dozens of cute outfits and a well decorated nursery too. ;)

Happy nesting!

Moms, what were some of your MUST have baby items?


  1. I stalk you on IG and agree with most of these! Colt is gross too - blowouts DAILY! We go through soo many outfit changes! We are obsessed with the wubbanub paci! He would die if we lost it! (Hence why we have 4 others as backup!)

    1. Hey girl! We never tried the wubbanub but I have definitely noticed Colt always has one close by :) Has his colic gotten any better?

  2. I love your must haves! My babies wear those sleepers all the time! I am doing a giveaway today and would love if you would stop by and check it out! http://www.thediaryofarealhousewife.blogspot.com/


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