04 February 2014

Alaska Bucket List

More seasoned military families frequently advise us to approach each duty station as tourists.

"Do as much as you can during your time there. Try to see EVERYTHING!"

 We have our sights set high for our time in Alaska!

(I did my best at Ft. Benning even though Kyle was gone so much, but lets be honest about Columbus....)

Here are our plans for AK:
    Things to do in Alaska
  • whale watching cruise (We used Kenai Fjords and had a wonderful experience!)
  • see the northern lights
  • visit Mt. Mckinley
  • visit Ft. Wainwright
  • catch a salmon (K has done)
  • walk on a glacier (K has done)
  • see a bull moose 
  • eat moose meat 
  • eat bear meat
  • go ice fishing
  • take Mal tubing/sledding 
  • go on a flight seeing tour
  • visit North Pole
  • visit hot springs
  • kill a big game animal (ok, this one is only on Kyle's list. obvi! I have no patience to hunt.)
  • visit the Aleyska resort
  • go Halibut fishing
  • pictures with Mal (She will be so young when we leave here, so i'd like to have plenty of photos for her to form Alaskan memories with.)
  • go on a snow machine ride

What are we forgetting?


  1. I think you forgot one. Fly Chelsea to Alaska and go on another whale watching tour!

    1. Oops! silly me. ;) You and Logan are welcome ANYTIME!

  2. We have a lot of these on our list of things to do as well. Homer is gorgeous and the fishing is amazing if you get a chance to go there. Alyeska is so fun, and blueberry picking in the summer is the best. Also in Girdwood is the wildlife conservation center that is fun. Taking the train to Seward was great as well, the views from the train are amazing!! We have been here a little over a year and still have so much we want to do before we pcs again, but its hard with three kids. haha!

    1. Oh Kelsey thanks for your suggestions! I love the drive down to Seward so I would imagine the train ride would rock! Probably would be fun for Mal too (next summer). I haven't been to Homer OR blueberry picking.. great list :)

  3. All of these are soooo great!! Unfortunately for me I have both seen and eaten moose. I can't wait to see all of the photos when you do all of this stuff!!! :)

    1. Oh my goodness talk about photo spam! I came home from the whale watching cruise with over 400 photos and was only able to narrow it down to 300! haha

  4. What a great list, and I love the idea of viewing each place as a tourist, kind of makes me wish my husband's job made him travel . . .

    1. :) be a tourist in your own city. I'm sure you could find some random things to explore!


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