20 February 2014

Boys Behind The Blog

Mal Smiles

1. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

     If I could transplant Alaska half way between Cincinnati, Ohio and Cary, North Carolina that would be ideal. The proximity to family would allow Amanda to take a break, but would more importantly, facilitate gratuitous amounts of outdoor activities.

[gee, I sure hope he didn't choke on those big words...]

2. Sand or Snow?

     umm... we live in Alaska! You decide.

3. What winter olympic sport would you rock at?

     Bobsled. I always considered myself a professional water-slider and I feel like Bobsledding isn't much different than a trip to the ole water park.

4. You're cooking a romantic dinner- what's your go-to dish?

     Olive Garden take out? (p.s it can easily be transferred into personal cooking dishes if you are looking to pass it off as your own, however, avoid using the Olive Garden salad dressing! It is a dead give away.)

5. Fill in the blank: This year I gave my wife a ______ for Valentines Day.

     Bottle of EAU SO FRESH perfume (which is NOT pronounce EWW SO FRESH.) I'm not going to lie, I read her wish-list post, took a picture of it, showed said picture to a perfume employee, and voilĂ , Valentines Day shopping complete.

[perfume employee lol]

There you have it, a blog post written by Kyle...

Thanks to Mal from Mal Smiles for hosting! 

See you tomorrow! Same place, you bring the beer since it'll be FRIDAY!


  1. Hahha I love reading these answers!!!! Stopping by from the blog hop =)


  2. Hello from the link up :) Love that he got you just what you were wishing for this Valentine's Day!!

  3. Bahahahaha! These are by far the best answers I've seen for this link-up so far!

    1. He's not right... thats all there is too it.

  4. So cute. And FYI...you can buy Olive Garden salad dressing in a bottle. Don't know where, but my dad had some. Yum!

  5. Love reading his answers! Pretty sure my husband did the exact same thing with my Christmas list.

    1. We might be on to something here... high five for awesome gifts!


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