19 February 2014

Mallory's 4 Month Update

This can't be real. Four Months. Nope. Don't believe you.

Regardless, she had her 4 month check up this morning. She's doing GREAT! Growing and thriving! Makes this mama so very happy. :)

Here are her stats:

// weight : 14 lbs [60%]
// length : 25 in [92%]
// head circumference : 41 cm [53%]

Mallory is wearing size 3-6 month clothing, although some 3 month items are too short and size 2 diapers. 

This month she rolled over for the first time and really began babbling/squeeling/laughing! Her voice is the sweetest sound in the whole world.

Her motor skills are coming right along as well, lots of swatting, grabbing and pulling.

Moms, does each month keep getting better and better? We are just having so much fun and I'm loving every second of motherhood!

Baby Gear: 

Note: this isn't an all inclusive list, just items that stick out as having been used frequently and weren't mentioned in the past.

Check here for more baby gear: month onemonth twomonth threemust haves , and nice to haves.

one // two // three // four

Ok, so our four month photo shoot may have gotten a little out of hand...

Can you believe my mother in law made this tutu and headband for Mallory?! 

The tutu is adjustable, so prepare to see it again ;)

Gotta run! My Birchbox just arrived!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh my goodness... that 2nd picture up top... so darn cute/funny! :D She's beautiful, mama... you SHOULD be proud of her! :D And I looooove the name Mallory!

    1. Shh don't tell her, but I googled the meaning of her name and it's "unlucky or unfortunate" OOPS! Sorry kid!

      I've always been drawn to the name Mallory, even as a kid.

  2. She is so presh! My niece is five months <3

  3. So cute!!! And yes it absolutely does get better and better, until about 18 months when...well never mind. Haha! And my birchbox always takes for-ev-er to get here! Still waiting on it.

    1. My Birchbox has been super quick! Maybe you should send them a shit-o-gram and tell them to pick up the pace! ;)

  4. Omg she is SUCH a doll! This just fuels my baby fever, I hope you realize. My husband will NOT like that haha

    1. hehehe I love infecting baby fever...I'm not going to apologize ;)

      For real, there's nothing better than being a mom.


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