25 February 2014

Tips For Flying With A Baby

Hi again! I hope your Tuesday is going well so far. Mallory and I have some errands to run in Anchorage today but, not until she naps. Yesterday she was a mega grump after deciding she was too cool for her nap. Not today kiddo, not today.

About two weeks ago, Mallory and I flew to Houston, TX. Kyle wasn't able to go, so it was just me and her on an overnight flight from Alaska to Texas... 

I was a bit nervous flying for the first time with a baby. I wasn't sure how we would do, what we needed to bring, etc.
I even asked friends on Instagram for some advice!

Now that we've done it and lived to tell the tale; I wanted to share what worked for us! 

1. // Baby Carrier : This was essential! We didn't have anything but a Moby Wrap (which Mallory doesn't much care for now) until just a week before our trip. I purchased the Infantino Front 2 Back carrier for it's price point and we've been very happy with it! I wore her around the airports and even some during the flights. She enjoyed looking around and I enjoyed having hands. Win for both of us. 2. // Luggage : Check as much as possible so you don't have a ton of stuff to lug around. Your carseat (if you are traveling "infant in arms") and stroller are exception items, so you DO NOT have to pay to check them. For reference, we flew United. I kept our carrier and "diaper bag" with me, everything else went under the plane. $25 well spent!

3. // Modify your diaper bag : Normally I use this diaper bag, but I didn't on my trip. Instead I packed a large backpack full of both of our essentials. It was so easy to carry! Even when I was wearing both Mallory and the backpack, I still had both hands free. Pack your normal diaper bag items. Dress baby in a sleeper to make things easy. I would add a few more diapers than usual, two extra sleepers, 1-2 warmer blankets (our flights were chilly), and snacks for yourself! Note: I tossed this purse in the backpack to use in Houston as my diaper bag. Backpack at the mall wasn't really my style ;)

4. // What I wore : I wore jeans, my knock off Ugg boots, a plain long sleeve tee and cardigan like this one. All were strategically selected. Jeans so I didn't feel like a complete slob. Knock off Uggs because they are easy to take on an off at security (if it were warmer I definitely would have opted for flats.) Long sleep tee to be comfy and warm. The cardigan was oversized and flowy so it doubled as my nursing cover.

5. // Nursery : The airport here in Anchorage is relatively small but it had a wonderful nursery! I was able to sit in there with Mallory, nurse her, change her, let her kick and play without worrying about other people. The nursery even had a private bathroom with a changing table! Look around for a space like this in your airport!

Here are some blurry, low quality travel photos :

She had a very long and serious chat with the McDonalds bag. 

Oh, I almost forgot! One of the most common pieces of advice I received was to nurse Mallory during take off an landing. The idea being that this helps to prevent the pressure change from hurting her ears. I did this on the first flight but she seemed completely un-phased by the pressure changes. She was asleep on the next flight and I left her that way. She was just fine :)

Also, people were generally very nice and helpful to me and Mallory. I was dreading "the look" from people as we boarded, but quite the opposite happened. People offered to help with my bag, one woman even said "if you need any help I'm a certified grandma!" Too sweet!

Do you have any advice to share for traveling with a baby?


  1. Love the "certified grandma" comment! Doesn't get better or sweeter than that!


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