03 March 2014

Rookie Alert!

 You know how I kept mentioning how excited I was to see the Running of the Reindeer at Fur Rondy this weekend? I went, but rather than having a joyous, carefree time I was waving my "new mom flag." Our day started with Kyle going in to work, yes it was a Saturday, but he was supposed to be out before 4pm, plenty of time to join us downtown. So, I got Mallory and myself all ready to go.

I loaded us and our 9,376 things in the car and off we went!

Of course, I stopped at Target to pick up some  lipstick  diapers on our way to Anchorage. 

But for real. I purchased this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream  and mixed it with my Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Seude. Left a nice matte pinky color that stayed in place. Win!

 Anyway, after we left Target things went downhill in a hurry. Kyle sent me a text saying he was going to be at work for quite a bit longer, which in Army speak means, he will not be joining us at Fur Rondy. I'm not shocked, he was after all, at work on a Saturday.

We pull out of the Target parking lot to head towards downtown and Mal starts screaming. And screaming. And screaming! Naturally, this means there's traffic. Mallory hates traffic.  I eventually find a parking spot on the top floor of my favorite garage at the 5th Avenue Mall.

View from the parking garage. 

I put her in the baby carrier, pack up the diaper bag and we are off!


Three mistakes so far: 

1. I wore the wrong shoes. Cute wedged boots walking around the icy sidewalks of downtown Anchorage while holding another human = dumb. 
2. I brought everything but the kitchen sink in her diaper bag! Carrying all of the things we own, plus another human = dumb. 
3. I parked on the top floor of a parking garage...

About an hour prior to the start of the Running of the Reindeer Mallory decided it was time to eat. Like now. Now now. We ducked into a little Thai restaurant {myThai} so I could nurse her. 

 Obviously I ordered and ate an entire meal even though I wasn't hungry.  I got the Tom Yum soup.


With about 25 minutes to spare I had this situation on my hands...

Do you wake the sleeping beast baby to watch reindeer run through the street?

Yes. I decided. Yes, you do.

4th mistake:  This wasn't a mistake because Mallory was grumpy (I mean, duh! I woke her up.) It was a mistake because the street was full and I could not see a single damn reindeer!

These photos happened only because I stood on my tip toes and stuck my camera in the air. I literally could not see anything! 

See those people on the roof in the top left corner? That will be me next year. OR I may just run with those pesky reindeer! 

Want to hear something else lame? They only ran like two blocks. Two blocks?! Come on now. 

5th mistake : Apparently it doesn't matter whether I live in Alaska or not; fur makes me sad :( I thought I maybe wouldn't be emotional about it because for some Alaskans this is just a way of life and village life in Alaska is just different. But, seeing all the animal's fur made my heart hurt. 

Perhaps attending the FUR Rendezvous wasn't a good idea after all...

The misfortune didn't stop there, remember how I said I parked on the top floor? Remember how I said Mallory hates traffic? It took us no less than 45 minutes to get out of the parking garage! Now, normally I would have jumped on an excuse to park the car and wander the mall until traffic died down, but nooooo. My ex favorite parking garage has one of those spiral exit traps; you know, once you decide to leave you are committed. I couldn't even park to calm her down. Just pure screaming for 45 long minutes. As soon as we turn out of the garage to head on our 35 minute drive home I hear THE sound. The very distinct sound of your child taking a big juicy shit in her carseat...

The end.

Happy Monday ;)


  1. Well this was certainly entertaining to read on a Monday morning! The Reindeer run seems so neat! I am sure it was such a disappointment when you couldn't see it. On another note, I feel your pain about your husband working Saturdays. Daniel works most Saturdays and this past one he was gone until 7. Also, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream...I may own too many but that's because they are great! P.S. we are definitely the same person because I thought I would get use to hunting and this and that - but no. I understand why people hunt for food and fur, but I still don't like seeing it. Happy Monday!

    1. I think I will definitely purchase another NYX shade. I'm a fan who can't argue with the price!
      Booo for guys working ALLLL the time. :(

  2. Wow! This is great! I am so sorry your Saturday was such a mess and you didn't get to enjoy the festival :( But in typical Amanda fashion, you made it a very humorous story for us!!

  3. Ha! Totally laughing right now. Sorry your day sucked!

    1. Lol! All we can do is laugh...it was a shit show.

  4. How the joy that is motherhood in the tundra!!!! HAHA. Ok and we totally had the same plan..park...walk to the reindeer craziness...point and laugh. But all of my three fell asleep in the car so we took that as a sign. But on our way home we passed the Fur Auction. The announcer was so loud we rolled our windows down and we hear "next bid is for beaver, not one but two beavers, these are nice, these will go fast, these can hang over your living room couch. starting bid 50 dollars...do I hear 50?" The husband thought it was the most entertaining thing! Anyway...sorry it turned out to be a crap day. But better luck next year?

    1. Hahahaha! Where do we even live?! Yes. Next year. I will frolic with reindeer.

  5. Hahaha. This was so funny. Although, I feel bad about laughing since it doesn't sound like you had the best time. The streets of Anchorage were CRAZY. I had to have a stranger help me carry my stroller up the steps of the federal building so I could see... and still it wasn't a great view. Here's to hoping next year goes a little better.

    1. The only encounter I had with a stranger was a negative one, and she was a mom with her kids! I was waiting for her to pass me on the sidewalk so I could walk where there wasn't any ice and she SNAPPED at me "try and stay to the right!"


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