12 March 2014

Living Space Lust

Since we purchased our house here in Alaska, both Kyle and I have taken much more pride in the appearance and functionality of our home. In addition to owning our home for the first time, adding a child into the mix really amplified that pride. We have made it our mission to provide a nice, safe, and above all, livable space for our family. 
One of Kyle's hobbies is woodworking. He really enjoys building things. This works out great for me, because I happen to be really good at picking out rustic furniture designs. ;) A lot of the furniture and some of the decor in our living area are handmade! I wanted to spend a couple of posts kind of going through our home and showing some of the pieces we currently have and love as well as some future project/design inspiration. 

This kitchen table was built by Kyle then painted and stained by me. Shortly before Mallory was born we added a coat of polyurethane to make the surface a little more mess friendly. I purchased the chairs used then simply refinished them to match the table. The burlap table runner was used at our wedding and made by Kyle's mom!

There's my Schatzi!

The above coffee table and entertainment center were built by both my dad and Kyle. Kyle had just received refractive eye surgery when my dad came to meet Mallory. Apparently, the brand new baby wasn't enough entertainment for them so they went out to the garage and knocked out a few projects. No complaints here!! (Those baskets are from Target. Shocking, I know. )

This corner cabinet was Kyle's most recent project. We have a very open dining/living room with very few storage options. I would love to have a bakers rack, but we just didn't have a good place for one. We decided a corner cabinet was a great alternative and Kyle ran with it...then I painted!

The above pallet mounted hangers and American flag were both made and painted by Kyle's mom! She's so crafty and both of these pieces go beautifully in our home. 

Fun fact: Kyle writes each of his career accomplishments and milestones on the back of the flag.
Here are some ideas for living room additions as well as a couple of projects I have in mind for Kyle. 
One of the first things I think I'm going to to do is relocate our flag to face the hook rack in our entry way. I think they complement each other so well and should be closer! 

one // I absolutely love this chandelier and think it would be gorgeous above our kitchen table. I first saw this chandelier on one of my favorite blogs Veronika's Blushing. You have to go check out her home tour! STUNNING! 

*I would eventually like to upgrade all of our light fixtures, but that is a battle for another day...

two // While, we don't keep our computer/desk in our living room; this is Kyle's next project so I thought I would share. I love the simple, rustic look and Kyle loves Ana White's building instructions. Win/win! 
three // Apart from the digital clocks on our appliances; we don't have any clocks in our house. I think this clock would be a nice addition to our dinning area. 

four // This shelf stained to match our entertainment center would be perfect for displaying fun prints and/or family photos, maybe even some candles too! 
five // Right now I have an old bookshelf with a mirror and lamp on top in our living area. We don't use that bookshelf for anything else and I just adore how this antique trunk is styled!
six // I don't quite know what I would do with these shelves...but with the right stain, I'm confident I could figure something out. ;)
Do you have a nice rustic living area Pinterest board in the works? Show me what decor you like!
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