10 March 2014

Looks for Littles

Mallory and I recently participated in a swap called "Looks for Littles" hosted by Kaitlyn and Megan. You are matched with another mama who has a baby of the same gender and close in age to your own; you piece together a "look," then swap! 

We were paired with Taylor and her daughter Amity. 

Here is what Taylor and Amity sent Mallory :

I adore everything Taylor sent! 

Here are a few  photos of my Mallory sporting her new look!

I also wanted to share the "look" that we sent for Amity. Well, I told Taylor that I really sent her a "look and a half" since I just couldn't resist the St. Patrick's Day pieces. 

These items came from some fantastic ETSY shops that I may or may not be revisiting to purchase some things for Mal. 

This exchange is based on Instagram but I couldn't resist sharing these adorable clothes with you! 

What are some items you are eyeballin' for your little one this spring? 

If you don't have a little one, link me to something you want for yourself. I'm always looking to grow my wish list


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