19 March 2014

Mallory 5 Month Update

It's time for another entry into my online baby book! Mallory is FIVE months old today--WOAH! She is so full of smiles, laughs, sounds and personality. Mal is constantly making us laugh and seems to get a pretty good kick out of herself. I feel like I have a pretty firm handle on her "cues" which makes the trial and error process a bit easier, although she is a pretty happy kid for the most part. 

Mally just went up to a size 3 diaper and is wearing 6 or 9 month size clothing! We don't have a check up this month but I would venture to guess she has gained a pound, so 16lbs ish.

She is babbling up a storm these days! We really enjoy seeing "energy spurts" now. Sometimes this kid is literally bouncing off the wall play mat; she goes hard. She still really enjoys her baths and has figured out how to splash :) 

I don't have any new additions to our baby gear list for this month; she is sticking to what she knows and loves. Although, we can NOT seem to have too many sleepers in this house. She is still quite gross. 

Here are a couple photos of her from St. Paddy's Day!

Thanks for your patience yesterday with our internet issues. Things still aren't resolved fully, but dude will be back this afternoon to finish things up. Thank. Goodness.
How is your week going so far? What do I have to look forward to this month with my little one?

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