17 March 2014

Our 2nd Anniversary

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary! In some ways it feels like we said "I do" five minutes ago, but in other ways it feels like we've been married foreeevvvveeerrrrrrrrrr.

I don't write much about marriage because quite frankly; I think its something that is so private and personal. What I will say is this; nobody pisses me off quite like Kyle. Nobody gets under my skin quite like Kyle. Nobody leaves me scratching my head quite like Kyle. BUT nobody else loves quite like Kyle. He works hard to provide for our family and does his best not to make the same mistake twice ;) He can always make me laugh and he makes certain that I feel supported and loved. The man is a saint for putting up with me...I can be a handful to say the very least. 
This weekend took advantage of having my mom in town and went out to dinner sans baby. Last year, we weren't able to celebrate because I was about 8 weeks pregnant and puking constantly, so this year was extra special. 

We went to Grape Tap in Wasilla on Friday night(shout out to Kelsey for the recommendation); it was FANTASTIC! It's a cute, tiny little restaurant in an old converted house. I ordered a rack of lamb and Kyle got the tenderloin. We also sampled a couple of flights of white wine! We definitely recommend this place if your ever in these parts of the country.
Sunday (our actual anniversary) we spent the day celebrating my little sister's birthday. She requested lunch at Red Robin and a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. 

As you know from Twitter and this post; Kyle and I already exchanged gifts. He gave me a Michael Kors watch and he bought himself I gave him some hunting backpack. 

I really is crazy to think how much has changed in the past year. We have moved from a hotel in Anchorage to our first home, Kyle started a new job, we had a baby and bought a new car! Kyle graduated from a cold weather leaders course, went to Thailand and earned his expert infantry badge while I've been busy learning my new role as a stay at home mom and making it to another cancerversary. Phew! Makes me very excited to see what our third year of marriage has in store for us. 


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