06 March 2014

Postpartum Health and Fitness Goals

I am not someone who gained 25 pounds during their pregnancy, delivered, and bounced right back to my pre-pregnancy weight. 
Nope. Not even close. 

I wasn't going to do numbers, but what the hell.

pre pregnancy : 125lbs
date of delivery : 171lbs
total weight gain : #$%@!

For reference, I'm 5'4''.

I also didn't make it out of my pregnancy without stretch marks covering my hips and ass, but that's not my point.

As I confessed this past Friday; I finally joined a gym. Gym memberships aren't cheap up here, but considering Kyle's crazy work schedule and my just...crazy, forking over the extra money needed to happen. 

A perk of joining my particular gym was their new member consultation. Basically I sat down with a personal trainer and we discussed my goals and ways to meet these goals. 

Before I became a mom I would have straight up rolled my eyes at this consultation.  I created my own fitness plans, mixed in some power yoga classes, kept a meal journal and was set. I've always known how to eat right and exercise and never really had to set goals. My reasons for being fit were to feel good both physically and mentally. Plain and simple. 

Now, I find myself still well above my pre pregnancy weight and for the first time in my life; I have a weight loss goal. Not only that, but I also have a little young lady whom I want to set a positive example for.

Of course I'm still extremely motivated to simply feel good, but it's different now. 

I thought I would share some of the goals we came up with and a couple of the steps I'm taking to achieve them.

I don't think weight loss is something i'm particularly interested in documenting on this blog, but I thought it was important to share where I am on my postpartum journey. We can all find 8,765 women on the internet who "just have a fast metabolism" or "the weight just melted off after I delivered my baby" and my fave "thank goodness I didn't get a single stretch mark." 

Well ladies, I'm 4 months postpartum with 20 pounds to lose, I have some killer stretch marks, and I'm positive my boobs will never be the same. 

I hope I don't even have to say this...but Mallory is 150% worth it!

Mallory when I picked her up from the gym's childcare. 

Side note: While I exercise my brain is completely silent. BLISS! Who doesn't love quite time when you have a baby at home?

Do you have any tips or suggestions for getting back in shape after having a baby?


  1. I really liked that you addressed this topic. I think it's important for new mothers to take care of themselves and want to get back in shape after giving birth. It's just healthy and good for your self-esteem! I am also working on losing my pregnancy weight. I had my daughter 6 months ago. Love that you set goals for yourself. I should probably set some goals for myself as well!


    1. Thank you for stopping by! I also think it's so important to feel good. If Mama aint happy... ;)
      Congratulations on your daughter!

  2. Go on with your bad self!!! I have zero tips, and I get asked all the time. I guess after you have three kids people seek your advice. But I am horrible at this stuff. I don't work out (shameful) and I am the closet unhealthy eater in my house. I do happen to run after my children all.day.long. So that has to count for something right? Needless to say I will pay close attention to these kinds of posts :)

  3. A Gallon of water?!?! That seems insane. I think I would float away and have to drink most of it while on the toilet. I'd be peeing like crazy!

    1. Doesn't it sound like a lot?! I get headaches and grumpy when I'm not well hydrated, so my guess is I probably get close to that anyway...but I could be more disciplined about it.

  4. Get it girl!! Congratulations on setting your goal! I have no doubt you will maintain them! I obviously do not have any tips "after a baby" but I can say when I cut "cokes" (yes cokes, all sodas are cokes to me) out of my diet I felt so much better!! I have slowly been slipping them back in with our move and going back and forth from Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia and I can tell. It is amazing how quickly they make you just feel bad! I am excited to hear how the meal journal goes. The eating part of being healthy is the hardest for me! I am intrigued to hear if the journal helps you eat better (no that you eat bad now- I have no idea how you eat) but I am not the healthiest eater! Also, I am relieved to know your height. I have been obsessing over pregnant women heights and what their baby bellies look like and you were so precious pregnant so you have just given me hope for when the day does come!

    1. Kyle says coke for all sodas too!! But yes, the littlest changes can make such a huge difference.

      And thank you for your compliment about my baby bump :) I completely enjoyed being pregnant!

  5. Wow she is totally worth it :) What a babe. These are awesome goals! I'm not a mom but I've set fitness/weight-loss goals before (and really would like to lose a few pounds right now actually) and I think the most important thing is to not burn yourself out. But it looks like you're already on the right track because those goals are not over-the-top or unrealistic - I bet you will find great success and will love those few blissful quiet moments you get each day :)

    1. I completely agree about burn out! It's easy to get discouraged if you set unattainable goals... so i'm keeping things simple. ;)

      quiet time = priceless. Baby or not!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! (anyone else with we could use emojis in blogger??)

  7. Such a cute little girl!
    Nice to meet you, Amanda :-)
    I think I will learn some things from you!
    May I invite you to visit me here...

  8. This is awesome. I know you're going to hit these goals and then some.

    And if it makes you feel any better, from a particularly aggressive growth spurt toward the beginning of college, at 5'8", and pretty thin, the side of my booty is covered in stretch marks. I don't know how we get to be the chosen ones, but oh well.

    Your daughter is so beautiful, by the way :)

    1. Thank you for your sweet, encouraging note! It's nice to know I'm not alone in the stretch mark department.


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