13 March 2014

"Worry About Yourself"

I don't know if it's hormones (how long after pregnancy/delivery is that still a valid excuse?)or what but I'm feelin' feisty. So, can I get something off my chest?

What ever happened to people minding their own business?

If I had a dollar for every time my mom told us to "worry about yourself" growing up...

[Rewind. Nothing in particular happened to spark this rant; it truly is just random. I still want you to be a good friend and all of that...When I use the noun "your" in this post; I am speaking to no one in particular.]

To me it is fun to see what other people are using, wearing, thinking, doing, etc. BUT that is where it stops.

There is no need to get your panties in a twist because somebody formula feeds while you breastfeed, or your neighbor doesn't have the best lawn mowing technique, or she had the audacity to go back to work after she had a baby, or that girl applies her concealer before her foundation, or she buys a new designer bag every month. O.M.G. Really? Who cares?!

Think back to middle school. (EWWW) How often could hurt feelings be avoided if we could just stop nit picking about other people? Their clothes. Their cell phone. Their make up. Their athleticism. Ugh. Or the people who are truly invested in celebrity drama (beyond just mindless entertainment).

These things sooooo shouldn't matter.

Unless you are perfect; quit worrying about everyone else. If you are perfect, by all means, come fix my shit!

* For some reason that boy reminds me of Kyle.

I like to ask two questions before I decide if something is panty twist worthy.

1. Is this behavior hurting anyone?
2. Is this person my husband? Kidding! (kinda)

If the answer is yes, please, say something. Do something!

Otherwise, wouldn't we all feel so much more relaxed if we would just mind our own business?

Maybe my cancer perspective is making an extra special appearance today; but some of the things that we spend time worrying about are, as my dad says "just plain silly."

Can you think of a time when you rolled your eyes because somebody was so focused on others?
Is this something you personally struggle with?
Do you want to rant about something today too? ;)

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