29 April 2014

Another Spring Wish List

Well, it's about that time. Time for another wish list! (Kyle, take out a piece of paper.) In the sprit of wish lists, I'm reaching for the stars with this one ;)

one || I feel like I should explain why this is on my wish list... This is my exact wedding band. We  I always talked about eventually wanting to add a second band to my wedding set. Well, while I was in Cincinnati I stopped in the jewelry store to have my rings cleaned and just look. (ha! who am I kidding here?) They were no longer keeping my ring out on display AND they had lowered the price by nearly $300! Now I'm concerned they are discontinuing it. So, "eventually" may mean now. ;)

two || Skin cancer patient here! Staying covered this summer doesn't have to be ugly.

three || I don't own anything from Stella and Dot and this bracelet needs to break that trend.

four || Hi, I'm late to the Clarisonic party.

five || Hmm. This bag sure looks familiar... Oh, that's because it's the second time it's appeared on a wish list! Normally I gravitate towards neutral color bags, but this one really speaks to me ;)

six || I've never owned a pair of white pants. *gasp*  Since I discovered that The Limited's "modern fit" jeans were made for me...well, I just need these, ok!

seven || Again, I'm late to this party too. Prior to my pregnancy these shoes just didn't fit me right, thanks to weight gain and shoe size changes, I can finally sport Toms!

eight || How pretty and springy is this phone case?!


Before you go, let me introduce you to Bri and her blog deliciously active! Her blog is about food, fitness, traveling and her adorable little family. Make sure you stop by and say hey :)

What do you have your eye on this spring?

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