22 April 2014

Cincinnati Recap & Mallory's First Easter

We had a wonderful long weekend celebrating Mallory's first Easter in Cincinnati. Lots of special moments were shared with family. (Kyle is from Cincinnati and his parents still live there.)

Plus, this mama got some long overdue solo shopping time. ;) Was is just me or was EVERY store having some kind of amazing sale this weekend? Not complaining...

I'm just going to let the photos do the talking.

Of course the tissue paper was the highlight of her Easter basket. It was so interesting to watch Mallory notice that Easter morning was "different" than other mornings. She is growing so much!

She is actually wearing Kyle's Cincinnati Reds hat from when he was a baby! Thank goodness she doesn't mind wearing hats, because my fair-skinned baby is going to be sporting them regularly this summer.

Mal put on one of her dad's old t-shirts and colored easter eggs!

This photo was taken after dinner at a restaurant that is very special to my mother in law's family. Mallory was the forth generation to dine at Pompilios! 

This is the second great grandmother Mallory has had the pleasure of meeting and will meet a third when we visit Cincinnati again this summer! She's one lucky kid.

Here are some of the pieces from my Cincinnati shopping haul ::

Again, I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend! I love reading all the recaps :) Did you capitalize on any sales?

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