25 April 2014

Five Confessions This Friday

I hope you have had a great week! Boy, recouping from a trip takes 10x as long with a little one, but I finally have my feet back on the ground. We are enjoying much nicer weather here! Thank. Goodness.
Here are some of the things we've had going on :: 
one || My sister. She hasn't even graduated college yet (graduation is May 9th and she is accepting gifts) and already has a job! Her degree is in Special Education and she literally interviewed with her first choice school district and they hired her on the spot! Her future students are lucky to have such a hardworking, dedicated and passionate teacher. Get it girl!
two || This print. Well, really everything in Amanda's ETSY shop, All Things Pretty. I need them. I mean, she even includes confetti in her packaging!
three || Mallory is my idol. Seriously. At her 6 month appointment yesterday she just killed it. Got a couple of shots and was laughing before the nurse even left the room. (I hope Kyle took notes. The man does not do needles.)
four ||  I made a "friend" in the neighborhood yesterday. Unlike, most of our neighbors, she was born in the same century as me! She literally ran out of her house and flagged me down while Mal and I were on a walk. 20 somethings unite! Normally this would have made me cringe [introvert alert!], but she was funny ;) Extra bonus was that her name is Jenny. Since I didn't catch her last name I put her in my phone as "Jenny from the block"--I'm hysterical, I know. 
five || Thanks to this blog and Instagram I was able to meet Kelly. Kelly was diagnosed with stage 3 spitzoid melanoma (the same deviation that I had) during the third trimester of her pregnancy. She has since delivered a healthy baby, had a major surgery and is getting ready to start interferon (read, chemo) on Monday. She could use some love and support! Help me cheer her on as she kicks cancer's ass! 
Kelly's Instagram
What do you guys have going on this weekend? Hope its something fun and outside!

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