09 April 2014

Always Polished!

By now I'm sure you've noticed that I love nail polish! My nails literally have polish on them apx. 98% of the time.  I even think you can be bold and adventurous with your nail color in the work place, as long as they aren't chipping of course. So now that I don't physically go to an office everyday, I'm playing around with my nails even more! During nap time that is. Since I love to experiment with different brands and colors, I thought it could be helpful to put together a little comparison of the brands that I currently have in my collection. 

The idea for this post came about when I received my first Julep Maven Box a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to sit down and kind of evaluate what I'm liking and see if there are any other brands that I just have to try out. I'm not kidding, if there were a Nail Polish Addicts Anonymous I'd be there.

So lets start with Julep ::

China Flower
Lincoln Park After Dark
All of the colors I listed are colors that I have and enjoy. Ok, that's not true. I don't yet have Essie's Lolipop but it's on it's way from Nashville! I saw a lady wearing it recently and I've been on the hunt ever since. It is the perfect pinky red shade that can be worn year round!
Ok, your turn. What brand am I missing out on?

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