02 April 2014

Mama & Mal's Spring Shopping List

Here is a list of things I've been eyeballing for myself and Mally this spring! Well, things that Mal will actually get and I will continue to just eyeball. Such is life...

Ok. It's sooo not "spring" here in Alaska! This is me pretending that I get to purchase these things for spring, when really it will be well into the summer months before they are appropriate here. 

Cotton Blouse ||  Sun Hat || Rashguard Coveralls ||  Leggings || Gingham Sun Hat || Printed Bodysuit || Footed Sleeper || Mary Jane Socks
Sleeveless Tie Blouse || Cotton Shirt || Knit Tank Maxi Dress || Kate Spade Park Avenue Sweetheart Crossbody Tote || Michael Kors 'Vivian' Sunglasses || Wide Strap Rainbow Flip Flop || 'Elle' Small Oval Earrings

Note: I'm not just hopping on the Rainbow flip flop train. I lost mine when we were living in Georgia and just haven't replaced them. NOT looking forward to breaking in a new pair, but those bad boys are a must!

Show me your shopping list! Whatcha getting?
Now I think I need to make another 'wish list'....

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