06 May 2014

"Keep it Simple, Stupid"

After our birth experience with Mallory, we have taken a sort of "roll with the punches" attitude about certain things involved in parenting. I'm definitely a planner by nature and Kyle an I both love to research things to death, so this is kind a new thing for us. 
If I had a dollar for everything we are currently doing with Mallory that we swore we would never do.... well, that Kate Spade bag would be mine. We co-sleep. We took her to the doctor for a silly little cold. We gave her a pacifier. We use disposable diapers. This list is quite possibly endless...
When it came time to think about introducing solids, I really really wanted to research the shit out of it.  So, I did what any good mother does and headed straight to Pinterest. I knew the basic principles of baby led weaning but not any of the details. Kyle and I like simple and baby led weaning seemed like a good fit for us. 
Damn. Everyone certainly has opinions about this shit, don't they? The nerve. ;) I couldn't help but roll my eyes as I was reading through various articles, posts and book excerpts on baby led weaning. You know I like to mind my own business about things like this. I just didn't have the patience to sift through all of that.
So, after reading a teeeeeny bit and talking with our pediatrician here is our plan...

We are just winging it! 

Yeah, ok. We are loosely adhering to a baby led weaning philosophy. Mal is not having "baby food" from a can or jar and she will dictate when we stop breastfeeding. [ I won't have a 12 year old on the boob. Promise. ;)] 

Currently, she is offered a baby friendly (graspable, small and safe) version of whatever we are eating. If we are having salmon, brown rice and spinach for dinner, then Mallory will have cut up salmon, brown rice and spinach. Simple.

I do have some food allergies so we are most definitely on the look out for those. One of the controversies associated with baby led weaning is choking risk. We know infant CPR and she is never left unattended with food. 

idiot test :: passed

Right now, all she does with the food is play with it. She does put the food in her mouth and suck on the pieces, but that's about it. Her primary form of nutrition is still breast milk. The idea here is that she will slowly play with her food less and eat more, while simultaneously breastfeeding less. 

Baby. Led. Weaning. Get it?
HOWEVER. We are still just going with the flow. If it should tickle our fancy to whip up some kind of baby puree, then golly gee we are going to make a damn puree!
Just keeping it simple over here.
*but for real, the pediatrician is on board with our no plan "plan"

How are you feeding your little ones? 
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the 9 bajillion philosophies on all things parenting?

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