30 May 2014

Confessional Friday

Let's get right to the Friday fun, because today in particular...I really need this to be a lighthearted space. 

Other than around Christmas, I've never had a wreath on my front door, until now! I mean, how adorable is this?! Thank goodness there are creative people out there to make up for my deficiencies!

I purchased this one from jennyCmoon on ETSY.

I'm wearing glittery, purple nail polish after being told by a 13 year old at Target that it was cool. And I don't hate it.... ;)

During her bath last night Mallory was lapping up bathwater like a cat drinking from a bowl. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Perhaps the Nobel Prize isn't in her future... JK but hysterical!

After this week's recipe swap, I really wish I had some skill in the kitchen. Are there really people who come up with incredible meals/dishes all on their own? I call it a win if I don't botch someone else's recipes...and if I add my own spice or something I think I'm Paula freaking Dean! Tell me I'm not alone? 

Tell me. What do you have going on this weekend?


I'm thrilled to introduce you to another one of this month's wonderful sponsors!! Take it away Amanda!

I’m Amanda, and I blog over at Notes from a Newlywed, where I write all about my life as a new wife. I share my views, thoughts, emotions and observations on my newlywed journey. From wedding planning tips to changing my name, having in-laws and trying to be a better wife, and even a few recipes and randoms thrown in there, it's all about what I'm learning along the way.

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Today I need you to pray for our family. Kyle, Mallory and I just fine, but some of our loved ones are in a tough spot. 

Hold your children extra tight and please, PLEASE drive safely. 

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