09 May 2014

Confessional Friday

We are already in the throws of another long weekend over here! Kyle was out of town for the better part of April, so in return, he has been given several consecutive four day weekends. I will let you know if we all survive so much together time...

Lets confess, shall we?

 || I was pleasantly surprised this week when my inbox told me I had another Julep Maven box coming my way.  I don't know why I didn't assume there would be multiple, but I didn't. Any time nail polish is delivered to my door, well I'm one happy lady! Here's what I got ::

|| We are going on our first hike of the season and Mallory's first hike ever today! The ol' Prius is going to the dealer to be serviced so rather than sit there and wait, we are heading further south to Turnagin Arm to wander around. Wish us luck! The mosquitos up her are a force to be reckoned with.

|| I'm a little bit nervous about hosting my first link up on MondayI can't help but be concerned that nobody is going to show up to my barbecue, if you know what I'm sayin'.  But, mostly I'm excited! I can't wait to read what your Hopes & Plans are!! [In case you missed my announcement on Twitter and Facebook, the button is available on the right sidebar.]

|| My eyebrows have crossed the line.  You know, the one between full and ferocious? They need to be addressed ASAP.

|| There is currently a fork in my Capri Blue Volcano candle.  The wick burned completely the other day, but there is still wax to be salvaged! I'm scrapping it out and using it in my warmer. Cheap much?

What are you confessing to? 
Hit me with your Mother's Day/weekend plans!

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