26 May 2014

Our Weekend || One For The Books

Happy Memorial Day to you! Not only do I hope you have taken a moment to really reflect and feel grateful, but I hope you've celebrated! Honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the greatest country on earth and know that we are free because there are still people who are willing to do so. 

Kyle, Mallory and I had a fantastic weekend full of playing outside, markets, restaurants, fishing and camping! We already have an Alaska camping bucket list in the works! 

[ It was touch and go here for a bit as to whether we would even be able to breathe outside. There is a 100,000+ acre wildfire south of us that is sending tons of thick smoke our way. ]

We tried not one, but two new restaurants in Anchorage this weekend. Both are places we intend to visit again! If you are ever in Anchorage make sure you check out Brown Bag Sandwich Co. and Fat Ptarmigan.

 Mallory is so much fun to eat with these days! She certainly enjoys commotion and people watching. :)

We had a school project to do for one of my little cousins. That little guy there is "Flat Stanley" and he had to accompany us on some Alaskan activities this weekend. We took him to the Anchorage Market & Festival and to lunch with us before sending him on his way to my Grandma's house in Colorado. 

Mallory thought snacking on rocks while supervising Dad was an excellent idea...until she got caught! So funny! 

In other news, Kyle now affectionately calls Mal "bear bait"....after she had a snack in the form of breast milk and squeeze pouch, he thought she was sure to send the bears our way. 

 Her first fishing trip was on the Little Susitna for King Salmon. Not too shabby. In our measly overnight camping trip we were able to see a busy little beaver, a moose, and bald eagles galore!

Bedtime tent activities included blocks, the dogs and books. We were so impressed with how Mallory handled camping. She was great!

What did you do this weekend?


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