28 May 2014

I do love a good meal...

Last week Lindsay @ The Newlywed Notebook and I got together and swapped some of our "go-to" recipes! Nobody has ever accused me of being a whiz in the kitchen, but I do have a dish or two that I make for our family regularly. ;) Check out which dish Lindsay and her husband tried! She is a better blogger than I am...she even took photos! 
Lindsay absolutely killed it! She gave me two options to choose from and I started with her Thai Peanut Chicken and Rice. Sooo good! I think from start to mouth it took me 30 minutes to complete and was simple enough to do while clapping and singing for a fussy baby. Recipe win! As soon as I was getting my plate out to start taking photos, Kyle walked in the door and immediately began stuffing his face. 
"This is really good! What the hell is it?"- he asked with his mouth full 
We served ours over even more rice, because well, why not?! I think next time we make this I'm going to play around with making it spicy. Maybe throw in some cayenne pepper or something. We will definitely be adding this dish into our rotation! In fact, I'm eating leftovers today for lunch :)
Thanks so much Lindsay! We should do this again soon! A dessert dish perhaps?
What are YOUR "go-to" recipes?

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