15 May 2014

The FINAL Boys Behind the Blog

 Kyle was emailed these questions the day they were posted on Mal Smiles. When I asked him yesterday about his answers he claimed he "needed more notice" and the day before was "a tight deadline." So, I asked him the questions and typed as he answered. You should know that all answers were given in his "dumb hick" accent. 
1. What was your first job?

Grass cutter. I cut grass. ( I call bullshit. I think your first job was the army. Chores don't count. )

2. What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?

Uh, gettin' married. Havin' a baby. Jumpin' out of airplanes. 


3. What is one thing you can't live without?

Um I like beer 'n I like sports. 

Honestly, quiet time. ( sorry about your luck )

4. What is your least favorite food?

What is my least favorite food? I don't like grits, the human or breakfast kind. HA! ( Holy cow. Alllll class.)

5. If you could time travel, where/when would you go?

Goin' back, i'd go to the dinosaurs, goin' forward, space. ( Not sure he could have sounded less intelligent if he tried. )

He stuffed Totsie Rolls in his lips and again with the accent!
There you have it! The last time Kyle will ever, EVER be featured on this blog. You're welcome.
Kidding. He thinks he is a celebrity when he's on the blog HA! So, undoubtedly, he will be back. ;)

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