13 May 2014

"The Roll Up"

Bring. It. On.
Today, Kyle will be taking over. I spend a good bit of time poking fun at all the stupid shit funny things he says. Well. Today, the tables have turned. Kyle will be scraping the bottom of the barrel in search of the fleeting moments in which I accidentally say something less than intelligent or annoying. 
Take it away Kyle!
First off, men make short comments, which could be interpreted as "stupid" while women make long winded speeches.  

Yeah, so? I have to break it way down to make sure you understand. 

Things Amanda says that piss me off : 

K, that's not the prompt. This isn't online marriage counseling...

Say Amanda wants me to take the trash out, this is how she asks : "So, how was your day? How are you feeling? You tired? Are you busy? etc..." A series of random nonsense at the end of which she gets to the point and asks tells me to take the trash out.  THEN she gets pissed I wasn't paying attention to her aimless, wandering conversation!


She will ask my opinion about something knowing full well that she is just going to ignore my opinion. I don't need to "feel included." Just do what you want and don't ask me! You're going to do what you want any way.
"Just do what you want and don't ask me!"PERFECT.

Dumb stuff Amanda has said :

Across the street from the airport in Anchorage there is a small lake where a bunch of smaller bush planes take off and land. Early in the winter we were going to the airport and Amanda noticed the lake wasn't frozen. She said "maybe it's heated." HA! Yep. They heat lakes here in Alaska. 

Ugh, this is when having a bad memory sucks. Or she never says stupid shit. ;)

The material just isn't as plentiful when the tables are turned, huh? ;)
What does your husband/boyfriend have to add to this list? [Dad, this is your chance! After 25+ years of living with all women...]

PS. Kyle created the title for this post. ??

Voyage of the Mee Mee

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