08 May 2014

The Whole Family

It occurred to me the other day that I have yet to introduce you to our fifth family member. Of course you know me and Mallory. My husband Kyle has made and appearance here and there. I've even shared the story of my special relationship with Schatzi. But, you have yet to meet our "baby dog" LT. 
Kyle and I got LT when we were still just dating. Kyle named her after Bruce Willis' character in the movie Tears Of The Sun. Kyle has since lost any and all naming privileges. 

LT marches to the beat of her own drum and certainly has a feisty side. She is great at letting us know when she is feeling uncomfortable. We frequently joke that she is "an awkward dog." She loves to sleep almost as much as she loves to be outside. 

She is a belgian sheepdog/ siberian husky mix. Unlike her furry sister, LT is not to be trusted off leash and will take advantage of every opportunity to make new friends. She is always the life of the party when we visit the dog park.

People sometimes ask us who LT favors, me or Kyle. The answer is neither. She is Schatzi's dog. :) She thinks the sun shines from Schatzi's ass. Wherever Schatzi is, you'll be sure to find LT nearby. We are certain that Schatzi put in the most work in training LT. 

We could never fathom having fewer than two dogs ever again. It is truly amazing to watch the special bond these two dogs share. LT is so loving and affectionate. We are so excited to watch her build a relationship with Mallory. 

Our family has been blessed by the companionship of two incredible dogs. 

Tell me all about your pets furry family members! They are all so special. 

In the spirit of introductions, I'd like to introduce you to Allison! She blogs at Because I Said So where you will find a little bit of everything. I can honestly say I haven't been able to predict a blog post topic yet! Recently she wrote about this crazy picking trip with her dad and family holiday bloopers.  I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I have :)
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