14 May 2014

When did making friends get weird?

I've always been the type of person who prefers having one or two close friends rather than a large group of them. I think thats kind of an introvert thing. Growing up, we moved around quite a bit, but I don't distinctly recall any particular anxiety about making friends. Between school and sports, friends just kind of happened. Then in college you have alcohol your roommates and potentially people you already knew prior to college to help the friend making process along. Making friends as a stay at home mom /"adult" is no joke! 

Where the heck do you meet people?! Not only do I have to get along with the "friend prospect" but I have to agree with how they parent their children. Wait, do I want to become friends with only other parents? I mean, parenting style would be taken out of the equation if they just didn't have kids, but would a non parent understand when I whip my boob out to nurse or leave because Mallory must nap? (Note :: Two of my very best friends not only don't have children but they aren't married. I'm not exclusive about marital/parent status, just sharing by brain vomit.) Do I want to be friends with wives of Kyle's coworkers? Eh. Mixing work/pleasure can get awkward, but we do instantly have something in common. Not to mention Kyle seems to be drawn to the single guys anyway. (I can hear both of our parent's thoughts reading that last sentence LOL!)

Since moving to Alaska I would say I have made 3 ish of what I consider to be friends/enjoyable acquaintances. *high five* One I met through an Army spouse event I attended. One I met through blogging. And the third I met when she flagged me down in the neighborhood for looking under 75 years old and "normal." Yesterday, I met another girl in Target. We chatted for a while then she asked for my number. (See Kyle, I really should start going to Target daily. It's good for my social life.) I was more excited than a teenager being asked on a date LOL! 

I mean, really? Is this how it's done? When I came home yesterday and told Kyle about my Target friend he goes; "wait, so you just talked to a stranger? And she asked your for your number? Isn't that weird?" Well, how the hell else am I supposed to do this?! 

half of the people in this photo are my sisters :)
How do you make new friends? 
Wanna be my friend? (Jk! but for real...)
I'm honored to introduce you to Anne and her blog Love the Here and Now! Anne is a family gal who writes about her beautiful daughters and fantastic husband. She recently started her own linkup called Wednesday Wishes! I'd love for you to go check out her blog and join her link up. Today she is wishing to avoid skin cancer by vowing to be safer in the sun. 

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