03 June 2014

Rainy Weekend FUN!

This past weekend was rainy and chilly up here in Alaska, although I don't think many of us minded. Those firefighters dealing with our massive wildfire could use all the help they can get! We took advantage of the less than awesome weather and headed south to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!

The Alaska Wildlife Center is about an hour south of Anchorage just past Girdwood. The drive along Turnagain Arm is one of our favorites. You get amazing views of the Chugach Range and Cook Inlet from the scenic Seward Highway! Mallory napped most of the way which gave me the chance to talk Kyle's ear off. (Anyone else corner their spouse on road trips since they can't escape?)

We arrived just 15 minutes before they fed the brown bears! Talk about perfect timing! Me and Kyle were surprised that Mallory legitimately watched the bears until we decided she probably thought they were dogs...

These bears are living the life! There are three brown bears living at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center with 18 acres allll to themselves. Their meals are served promptly at 4:30pm daily and the employees said they get quite irritated with any deviation. Side note :: The employees were full of information about Alaskan animals. We learned quite a bit!  The bears were so playful and fun to watch! I love that the animals here are rescues.

After watching the bear feeding, we heading back to the gift shop to grab a snack and let Mallory get a little baby exercise. She was kicking' it on the porch with her blanket and cup. :) Once we were all full and happy we went back to check out the rest of the animals. 

They had bison, elk, caribou, foxes, moose, eagles, black bears...it was amazing! Some of the animals are even preparing to be reintegrated into the wild here in Alaska.

We had a great little Saturday and would definitely recommend checking this place out! They are open all year and are super affordable. It was the perfect activity for a gloomy day. 

Almost as perfect as the baby free pedicure and shopping trip I got on Sunday. ;)

Do you ever feel uncomfortable at a traditional zoo? I find myself feeling really bad for the animals being stuck in such confined spaces. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center was definitely more my style. 

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