27 June 2014

It's time to get serious...

Alright, I know I talk about light hearted things on this blog, such as cancer, but it's time to get serious. I have a birthday next week which means my birthday wish list is long over due. 

Here is what you can get me :: 

one ||  This color block baseball tee from ASOS is perfect for day to day wear up here in the Tundra. Longer sleeves, casual, would hide spit up relatively well...
two || I want these Ray-Ban sunglasses. I've been reppin' knock offs for years and it's time to step up my game. 
three || Have you seen this necklace by Tiny Tags? I love that it is dainty and customizable! Want.
four || Hunters. Maybe I should just buy these already. I've been wearing the same yellow rain boots from Target since my freshman year of college! In Alaska, I'd definitely get my money's worth with these babies!
five || Turning 25 (unlike any of my previous birthdays, duh) means that i'm not getting any younger. I few months ago I got a sample of this truth serum collagen booster from Sephora and loooooved it! It's one of the first products that I could really feel working. 
six || Over the years, my expansive Converse collection has thinned out a bit. I want to put these "dainty" black Chucks back in the game!
seven || And to maybe knock out that massage from my summer bucket list---- a gift card to  Sheraton Ice Spa in downtown Anchorage. 
eight || Since I don't have enough lipstick already, I want to get my hands on this Lime Crime lipstick. It comes highly recommended by this gal
nine || A birthday is just another excuse to purchase a new Michael Kors bag, am I right?
I'll be accepting gifts the entire month of July. Thanks in advance. 

I'm totally kidding. 
(No I'm not Kyle.)

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