06 June 2014

Confessional Friday!

Before I get started today, I want to thank you for your prayers over the past week. I apologize for being so cryptic last Friday, but that morning our nephew was seriously injured in a car accident. He has a long journey ahead of him and I'm sure he would greatly appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers. 

On to more lighthearted affairs...It's time for another round of my random Friday Confessions

This morning my mom pointed out that my birthday is less than a month away and she still has not received "the list." Yep, I'll be 25 years old and have a reputation for submitting "a list" in a more than timely manner. Allll class over here baby. 

Mallory learned how to clap this week and it is totally melting my heart. She is so proud of herself for mastering the fine art of clapping. 

I've been having nightly parties. You know, the kind where you clap, sing, become a human airplane and read cardboard books. I know I'm supposed to be working on a better sleep schedule for Mallory, but I'm totally loving our time after Kyle and the dogs have gone to bed. Lots of giggling :)

I've been going to Sephora simply to spray myself with perfume. For real. Have you guys tried the two Elizabeth and James fragrances by Mary Kate and Ashley? They are called Nirvana White and Nirvana Black. I read somewhere that combining the two scents is where it's at...TRUE! Ah-mazing.

We have a fun weekend of hiking, fishing and grilling planned! What do you have going on?

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