10 June 2014

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Not that the women of the world are in need of a reminder, but Father's Day Sunday, June 15th. Without being overly sappy, I'm fortunate enough to have a pretty awesome dad. (That's it Dad, your compliment for the year. Hope you enjoyed it.)
If I were to purchase him a gift, here are some things I would consider ::
An Engraved Knife || I think this is a nice, manly gift that can be extra special with a little engraved message, name, or date. 
Sweater || In our house we take advantage of holidays to "dress" the guys. Uniforms and/or T-shirts aren't always ok. (Not that Carhartt is dressy, but you get my drift.)

Their drink of choice || This on is pretty self explanatory. Doesn't have to be the actual drink however, perhaps some drinking apparatus would be nice. A flask, pint glass, etc.
Personalized Gift || You'll have to gauge your dad accordingly, but every now and then the sentimental image/saying/craft can be wonderful!
A Pair of Shoes || This can be running shoes, boots, dress shoes, anything. Practical and thoughtful. 
Gift Card || I think gift cards are totally ok for Father's Day! Lowes, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shop, their favorite restaurant...
A Sports Jersey || My dad happens to be into cycling, but I think buying his favorite team's jersey is a great option as well!
Hat || Dudes and hats. Baseball hat or beanie. EASY!
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Dear Dad,

Your Father's Day gift is your first grandchild and her name is Mallory.

Your favorite daughter
Dear Kyle,

Your Father's Day gift is a Honda ATV and it's parked in our garage. 

Your bitter wife
What do you have planned for Father's Day?

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