25 June 2014

Independence Mine

A couple of weekends ago, Kyle, Mallory and I found ourselves with a free little Sunday on our hands. There is a gold mine (literally) in Hatcher Pass called Independence Mine, which is just a short drive from our house! 

We have been meaning to check this spot out, but frequently get distracted by other hikes along the way. (OR somebody wears the wrong shoes. Hey! The walk from the parking lot the mine is deceivingly long.) This particular Sunday however, we were determined! The weather wasn't particularly impressive, but one thing we have to credit Alaskans for is that they are not fair weather outdoorsmen. Rain or shine, they get after it! So we do too...

The kid was such a trooper in the backpack! She just looked around, yelled and smacked the back of Kyle's head. Baby paradise. 

 Don't be too impressed with us. Most of that climb was done in the car... However, if you are local, the top parking lot was closed, so we did walk up to the mine from the lodge and broke a little sweat.

Walking through Independence Mine, we were able to read and see what it was like to work/live in a 1930's ish gold mine! The old machinery, buildings and living conditions were amazing! I felt like I could imagine everything working and running... so cool! Kyle kept asking if I thought there might still be some gold there... the hell if I know! 

This building just screams engagement photos to me LOL! 

About thirty minutes after we got to Independence Mine it started to rain. Mallory was cool with it initially, but we knew we had a good thirty minute walk back to the car so we decided to cut the exploring a little short. 

Can you spot my husband and child? 

We spend quite a bit of time hiking in Hatcher Pass and have even stumbled on a few other random, abandoned gold mines! If you ever visit Alaska, I highly recommend checking out Hatcher Pass and Independence Mine.

Have you ever visited a gold mine?!

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