19 June 2014

Mallory's 8 Month Update

Um, 8 months old? Really? For real, this is my favorite age. Do I sound like a broken record yet? Each day really gets more and more fun! Don't get me wrong, some days she completely wears me out, but she is just learning so much every single day that I can't help but love the craziness. 
We did have to go to the doctor this month thanks to an upper respiratory/ear infection situation so we learned Miss Mallory is weighing apx. 20 lbs!! 

baby update

baby update

She is still regularly giving me 6 hour stretches at night but getting those new teeth this month has required some restless nights. We are still having a lot of fun with food and Mallory is eating more of it. She is working on boosting her status as a true Alaskan baby. This month she ate halibut, elk and bison! Honestly, we are doing a lot more squeeze pouches than I thought we would, but Mal loves them! Since she still doesn't take a bottle, squeeze pouches have been the key to a baby free pedicure or two ;) Breast milk is still her primary source of nutrition.
independence mine

Russian River
Mally is sporting FOUR teeth now, two up top and two on the bottom. Her latest activity is grinding them...yuck! 
As far as clothes go, we are officially at the "hold it up and see if it looks right" stage of the game. Most of her leggings are 12 months and most of her tops at 2t... but who knows really. We have switched from "bodysuits" to mostly leggings and t-shirts. The girl still can't get behind the whole sock movement. 
baby dog
Not too many changes this month in the baby gear department other than Kelsey gave us this bouncy seat that Mallory really enjoys and we purchased this play mat
Mallory is now rolling with a purpose to get around the house! She gets up on all fours but either slides backwards or just rocks back and fourth. Soon enough we will have a crawling baby!! She loves grabbing everything and immediately sticking it in her mouth. Current favorite targets are rocks, cords, and grass. Lovely. Put toys in your mouth Mallory! 
cincinnati reds baby

She definitely responds to her name and knows how to clap. Mallory is still pretty anxious when I leave the room and/or someone else holds her. I know this is just a phase and I'm trying to soak in all of the extra snuggles. I'd be lying if I said I didn't love that I'm her sole source of comfort right now. 
My Dad/Mallory's Papa is coming to visit us then we are off to visit family for a couple of weeks!  We plan to soak up these precious moments with family and enjoy the Alaskan summer! So thankful that Mallory is an easy going traveler and enjoys being out and about. 
We love you kid!

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