17 June 2014

Where are you from?

Am I the only person who struggles when answering this question? Growing up, we moved around because of my dad's job, and now I move around because of Kyle's job. I love moving around! Every 3 ish years I definitely get an "itch" to pick up and explore someplace new. Living in different places has taught me so much and I really couldn't imagine a life living in just one spot. 


So far I lived in New Jersey, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, Arizona, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alaska. 

As I get older and meet new people  I find that people really want to know where you are "from"... 

That conversation usually goes something like this:

[Rando] I'm Billy Bob. Cute kid. Big dogs. How 'bout this weather we've been having?! Where are you from?

[Me] What do you mean? Where was a born? Where did I live most recently? Where do my parents live? Where do I sleep at night? 

I mean come on. This shouldn't be a challenging question, should it? Before I moved out of my parents house I would frequently say New Jersey, since that's where I was born. BUT I know nothing about New Jersey since I was so young when we lived there. It was when I got to college and my parents continued to move around that things really started to get hairy. 

It is always funny when people ask Kyle and I together where we are from. Kyle quickly responds "Cincinnati", I hold a blank stare and now we've added Mallory to the mix and she was born in ALASKA

Where are you from?
Did you grow up moving around? If so, how do you answer this question?

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