18 July 2014

Friday Fun!

This week, making it to Friday feels like some kind of major accomplishment. The catch up games following our vacation are nearly over and Kyle has a long weekend. Phew! We have not so big plans to fish, possibly camp but really just chill

Now, on to the fun stuff! 

one || These quizzes are still entirely too fun! A couple of months ago, Erin @ Two Thirds Hazel put together a Blogmopolitan quiz that took me back to my teen magazine quiz trolling days :) She kindly put together a second edition so I could get another fix. I think I need to run out and grab a magazine or two... I wonder which member of N'Sync I should date?


Here are my answers ::

two || I've made this soup at least 4 times since Kelsey shared the recipe and still can't get enough. (I use egg noodles instead of potatoes.) Thank goodness soup is perfectly acceptable year 'round in Alaska.

three || Even though I said the catch up games are nearly over, that does not mean I don't have 4 loads of unfolded clean laundry piled on our guest bed. Throwin' it back to college life! Oops!

four || I think I'm kind of digging the return of the Birkenstocks. Since when were there so many different styles and colors of Birkenstocks?!

What is your favorite soup recipe?
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