02 July 2014

A Hike With Dad

While my dad was in town I dragged him to Flattop Mountain in Chugach State Park. Can someone please tell me what it is about infantrymen and their aversion to walking. Kyle bitches and moans anytime I want to hike and Dad followed suit wanting to get the walking over with as quickly as possible. (If you remember, this is the hike I tried to go on a few weeks back where Kyle showed up dressed like he was going to the beach...)

At least he carried the kid, right? Flattop is one of the most popular hikes in Anchorage, which surprised me because it certainly wasn't leisurely! I was sucking wind carrying just me, myself and I up the mountain. But the views of the city were stunning!

Along the bottom half of the trail, the vegetation was so fun. I kept telling Dad that the way the trees hung over looked like imaginary homes. He looked at me as though I maybe wasn't qualified to reproduce. Oh well. I was building a great fort in my head! 

Breast feeding bench!

We didn't climb all the way to the top of flattop mountain. We blamed it on the baby and safety reasons, but know in our hearts that we were smoked. (JK Dad, I was smoked and you graciously said you weren't comfortable carrying the baby over the loose rocks. 'preciate it!) PS. Apparently  there is a "difficult route" and a more comfortable route to the top. One guess which route we took...

You know you live near a military installation when...you are taking in majestic Alaskan scenery and suddenly you spot a black hawk adding a little taste of FREEDOM to the view. 


I think it's about time you met this lovely woman... She is a blog I visit where I can count on honesty, transparency and realness! One of my favorite posts lately was written by her! She shared some not Facebook worthy truths about parenting and I ate it up! I also love reading her hopes & plans each week-- Chanity is certainly a breath of fresh air and I hope you will enjoy her blog as much as I do:)

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