21 July 2014

Hopes & Plans {Link Up}

Welcome to the "Hopes & Plans" link up! Any hopeful or goal-oriented post is welcome! It can be your life's dreams and aspirations or simply your chore list. Share with us! I hope for this to be a place where we can come to be inspired and motivated by the things other people have in the works. The possibilities are endless! Most things in life begin by first having a hope and then some kind of plan.

Here is how I did with last week's hopes & plans...

|| Restock the house. Done. Like as soon as I got home kind of done. 

|| Meal/food journal. Not even a little bit.

|| Take Mallory to the playground. We didn't stay long, but she sure was happy :)

|| Upload and edit photos from our tripWoo hoo! In cases you missed it, you can see way too many photos from our trip here and here

This Week's Hopes & Plans :

one || Meal journal. For serious.

two || Go fishing.  I can tell Kyle is starting to twitch from fishing withdrawals and quite frankly, I'm not going to catch my salmon if we don't go fishing!

three || Decide on Mallory's next car seat. She is still rockin' the Britax B-Safe infant seat for now, but it's almost time to look into something a bit larger! Moms, do you have any convertible seat recommendations?

four || Clean/organize/decorate my desk. I recently got a cute little print for my desk at home, but once I started looking for a good place to put it I realized---my desk ain't lookin' too hot. 

I hope you have a good Monday and an even better week!
What are your Hopes & Plans?! 

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