16 July 2014

Our Family Trip To Cincinnati & Baseball Fanatics!

Are you prepared for two days worth of vacation photo dumping? Ok, good. ;) I'm going to keep the verbiage to a minimum and just let the photos do the talking. I broke up two weeks of vacation into two separate posts; Cincinnati & Cary. 

Kyle grew up in Cincinnati  and we are fortunate that a lot of his friends and family are still living there! We even had some family who were willing to drive all the way from New York to meet Mallory see us while we were in town. I can't forget to mention that Kyle is a baseball fanatic who looooves his Cincinnati Reds. In fact, we have been trolling Fanatics.com ever since for even more game day gear!

Quick shout out to the Anchorage's Airport -- they have a nursery in the main terminal! It has couches, a private bathroom and play area! We made sure to get to the airport extra early so Mal could romp and frolic before being confined to our laps indefinitely. 

Family photo shoot! Ready? GO!

Mal took her time warming up to everyone. She is still doing the "stranger danger" thing so it took her a minute to be comfortable with someone other than me holding her. 

Ok. Except for that photo.

While we were in Cincinnati we went to not one, but TWO Reds games! Mallory joined us for the second game and got a certificate with her name on it highlighting this major milestone; her first Reds game! ;)

 Mallory and Kyle spent a solid 20 seconds on the jumbotron. NBD. Kyle had her standing on his lap dancing. So cute!

Mallory with Kyle and his sister Kayla
Kayla and her family :)

Kyle and I were extra excited about this game because we budgeted for each of us to buy a new Reds hat! Love soo many of these hats! It was really nice for me to keep my head and face protected from the sun and not have to worry about my hair getting all crazy ;)

 I could really kick myself for not having my real camera with me for this next portion. We were in town during Balloon Glow at Cincinnati's Coney Island and it was unlike anything I'd ever seen! Hot air balloons are massive and actually quite pretty!

Kyle, Mallory and I spent one afternoon browsing a local mall. I think I was the only one who was excited about this particular excursion. Kyle participated only because he knew there was a Chipotle in the food court. That's fine. I got to shop for two hours without holding a baby! I'd say I won this one...
Mallory during her inaugural Chipotle meal. 
Kyle and Mallory with Kyle's friend Ryan.
 Apparently there were quite a few firsts for Mallory on this trip. Ryan has a pool at his house so Mallory and Kyle took this as an opportunity to escape the very un-Alaskan heat and go for a swim. She looovvvveeed it!!

She splashed/played so hard in the pool that she passed out seconds after changing into dry clothes. My none nappin' baby slept on the floor! 

Kyle's parent's invited everyone over one day for lunch and I took not a single picture! FAIL. I guess all that means is I was too busy stuffing my face. 

We did everything we'd hoped to in Cincinnati and more and had a great time visiting with family! Kyle and I agree that should we ever get any kind of say in where we live, Cincinnati would definitely be one of our top choices!

Have you ever been to Cincinnati? 

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