25 July 2014

Well, what had happened was...

Happy Friday!! Kyle is putting his foot down so we will be spending the weekend pursing those pesky salmon. I'll be taking my nail polish with me though. Dude's attention span with fishing is unreal

Lets jump right into the Friday festivities, shall we?

one || I sold my soul to Sephora. Ok. Hear me out. So, Mallory and I went in to "browse" since I had a 10% of coupon burning a hole in my wallet. (10% off? Give me a break, Amanda.) While we were in the store, I realized I also had a coupon for a complimentary makeover. Hmmm. Might as well! With a fussy baby in my arms/on the floor/latched on the boob, this poor woman gave me my complimentary make over. To my surprise, I really loved what she did. I forgot eyeliner was a thing. Anyway, long story short, I left Sephora with three new products (10% off, remember Kyle! Which basically means they were free!) and a full face of make up to go with my jeans and tee shirt look for the day. 
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two ||  We are thinking of painting our baseboards. Anticlimactic for you to read? Sorry. We have been talking about doing this for months, but it just seems sooooo labor intensive. YUCK! The baseboards in our home are essentially brown and we would like them to be white. Have you ever done a project like this? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 
three || My hair is BACK! I straightened my hair this week for the first time in a long time and I just about tipped over. It is officially LONGER than it was before I had cancer!! Take that Big C! [insert inappropriate hand gesture here]

four || Since Mallory started crawling, she has become who we affectionately refer to as our "resident terrorist." She's emptying cabinets, climbing in the refrigerator, dumping the dogs water bowl, etc. Madness I tell you! What happened to my little, immobile baby?!
five || I'm kind of itching to play soccer again. This is something Kyle and I have tossed around briefly over the years, but after getting out on the turf with Mallory today... I think it's time to lace up the boots and get my dusty ass back on the field!

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I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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