19 August 2014

An Unexpected Beauty Blender Review

After years of wearing liquid makeup, I only recently caved and tried the cult favorite Beauty Blender. I never really found a brush that I love so I figured, what the heck and tossed it into my little black basket. 

makeup sponge review

The next morning I was excited to apply my makeup and give this little pink sponge a test drive. It was love from the very first dab! You are supposed to wet your Beauty Blender before applying foundation to avoid wasting too much product. Because the Beauty Blender was damp, it felt cool and refreshing on my face. Ahhh. :) The result was the most even and flawless coverage I'd ever achieved. I was hooked! Morning after morning I marveled at the natural look of my foundation. I'd finally found my makeup brush sponge!

Until I went to clean it for the first time...

ripped beauty blender

Noooooo! It just ripped. And ripped. And ripped! I cleaned it using baby shampoo and warm water, just like I do with all of my other beauty "tools." I wasn't being particularly rough with or anything, not even a real deep clean since I'd only been using it for a few days. It just fell apart. :(

ripped beauty blender
Call me crazy, but I'm not down with spending nearly $20 for just one week's worth of amazing makeup application. Ain't gunna do it! 
What do you think? Should I exchange this for a new one and give the ol' Beauty Blender one more shot? OR should I throw in the towel with this one? Am I the only one who's Beauty Blender couldn't hang?
**UPDATED to add the below information MARCH 12, 2017**
I ended up exchanging the above Beauty Blender for a new one and purchasing the Beauty Blender Cleansing Solid at the same time. That seemed to do the trick as far as extending the life of my Beauty Blender as I did not experience any damage to that sponge. I went on to purchase another Beauty Blender several months later, just because it was time, however I did NOT repurchase the cleansing solid and just used my kids' shampoo instead. That also worked perfectly.

HOWEVER... I have tried countless other sponges as well and know there are several out there, like these by Morphe, that work just as well as the Beauty Blender and cost a fraction of the price. 

You kind find some of those sponges in the widget below.

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