01 August 2014

At this moment..

Personally, some of my favorite blog posts to read are the random, more personal ones that offer a glimpse into a day in the life. And that's just what I'm going to do for my confessions this week! I'm sure you've seen posts like this floating around...check Samantha and Kelsey's
At this moment I'm...

Thinking || I should wipe down the kitchen counters. Somebody *Kyle* failed to clean up after dinner last night.  ;)

Making || Coffee and an everything bagel with cream cheese. 
Feeling || Nauseous. We are passing around some kind of something in our house. It started off early this week with Mallory's ear infection and over all nastiness. (A panda bear nebulizer and amoxicillin are the name of the game.) Then she passed it to Kyle who has complained infinitely more than the baby has. (I'm not sure how this became a bust Kyle's balls post, but...) And now, now It's my turn. 

Wanting || To win the lottery. I don't know if retailers are just killing it lately or my shopping habit is beginning to spiral out of control. Want. It. All. 
Needing || To have a relaxing weekend! Maybe do a little fishing. Maybe head to Seward to visit the Alaska SeaLife Center. Maybe do absolutely nothing. 
Wondering || When is my Mally going to wake up? I can't wait to see if she's turned a corner today and will start feeling better.
Cooking || Sticking a bagel in the toaster counts as cooking, right? I'm going to cook chicken and cheese ravioli for dinner tonight. By cooking I mean, boiling some water, dumping the store bought ravioli in the water for a few minutes, and tossing some kind of canned sauce on top. 
Reading || ABCs, a Baby Einstein book. Brushing up on my letters.
Smelling || Coffee.  
Listening || At this very very moment, the sounds of Mallory's noise machine coming from the bedroom. But Kyle just bought Brantley Gilbert's new album, so we will be cranking that up all weekend. 
Hoping || The dogs will chill out. They both have just been on an annoying kick the past two days. All barking and hopping around. "No! The sick baby who is gargling snot does not want to play with you!" #dogproblems. 
Loving || My new highlights! Here is a super awkward shot of the unstyled results. I'm going back in a few weeks to add some more underneath, but I'm so happy to finally have the cooler blonde shade I've been going for rather than a yellowy color. 

Sewing || Come on. Sewing? Absolutely nothing. If anyone sews in our house it's Kyle, but it ain't gonna be pretty! 
Wearing || These pants from Old Navy, a gray tank with a gray zip up hoodie. Jammies. 
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