12 August 2014


This past weekend was spent, picking blueberries! As I mentioned last Friday, we were out for redemption after not picking a single blueberry last summer. Our first stop was Archangel Road in Hatcher Pass, just a short drive from our house. 

Archangel Road

 Blueberries aside, we always have a great time in Hatcher Pass. Tons of great hiking and beautiful scenery!

Archangel Road

After a few minutes of "this way" "no this way" between me and Kyle, we settled on hiking my way. ;) JK I was wrong and we ultimately needed to go "his way"--regardless, after a few minutes of hiking/falling we stumbled upon these guys and several dozen of their friends!

Hacher Pass Alaska

Mallory blew the whistle on the Hatcher Pass blueberry picking operation after just an hour or so, but we ok with it. We found and picked blueberries which was more than could be said for last year's efforts...

Archangel Road

On Saturday we headed south of Anchorage to Girdwood, where the Blueberry Festival was being held at The Alyeska Resort. We missed the festival last summer due to our living in a hole.

Girdwood Alaska Blueberry Festival
Word on the street is that The Alyeska Resort is home to an amazing restaurant! An overnight stay here is a must for anyone who lives in Alaska, or so we've been told. Kyle and I don't ski or snowboard but we would most definitely be willing to take a tumble or two down the mountain here. In true Alaska form, this place is breathtaking! Not that I managed to take photos of the front of the resort or the mountains/ski lifts or anything...
 Girdwood Alaska
But I did get a photo of the crazy mountain bike trail that was near our picking spot, so only a partial fail, right?
Blueberry Festival

 The Blueberry Festival was set up behind the hotel in the Pond Courtyard. There were local food/craft venders, and of course blueberries galore! I got a delicious jambalaya for lunch and Kyle had some reindeer sausage.

Blueberry Festival

They even had a stage set up with live music for us to enjoy during lunch. Kyle and I were feelin' festive and split a cheeseburger with blueberry sauce. Not bad. Not my favorite thing in the world, but not bad. The band however,  was Mallory approved!

Is it possible to go to Girdwood, or even pass Girdwood without stopping at that little bakery? I challenge you to find something on their menu that we did not order...

Girdwood Alaska

 It was on our drive home that the coolest part of our weekend happened. The tide coming in! Color me simple, but I have never seen anything like it. There were paddle boarders out in what was mud just moments before, riding a single large "tidal" wave (it all makes sense now...) This photo doesn't come close to doing the scene justice. The water was spinning in a thousand different directions, the paddle boarders were cruising at about 25mph, and in a matter of minutes the entire inlet went from mud flats to being full of water! Amazing!
turnagain arm tide

Ok. But for real. What do you make with blueberries? Kyle doesn't really like blueberries, and I'm lookin' to get creative! A pie? Some jam?


If you have a blueberry recipe, I'm all ears!! (err...eyes.)

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